A Journey to Thin: Christmas Eve Review

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Review

I had a great day, but eating wise I was off track- BIG time!

I let myself eat too many sweets, without setting any boundaries. This is a HUGE mistake for me. Sweets are my weakness and there are SO many of them this time of year! I started the day off well but it went downhill after there were M&M’s sitting out on the counter and my sister came  in with cookies.

But I do know that one day of eating like that is not going to make me gain back 44 lbs, but if I continue it, I WILL. So it must stop and it must stop TODAY. I’m not saying NO sweets, but I’m saying it’s time to set boundaries.

I was able to lose weight Thanksgiving weekend.  I want to at least be able to maintain, if not LOSE, this weekend! :)

Have a very happy Holiday!!


  1. Don't feel alone, I too started off good and by the end of the day was eating chocolate, ice cream ( but diet ) Xmas nuts you get at the markets which are coated in sugar and 3 glasses of wine...
    I went over my points - and into my weekly extra...
    Today has been better...

  2. One (or even 2) days of overeating won't mean anything a couple of months from now. As long as you enjoyed what you ate and get back on track you'll be just fine and living life!

    Merry Christmas!