Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday: Too Snacky

I got up this morning and biked for 20 minutes. Felt good to do something different.

For breakfast I had oats with sliced banana and a little coconut. This was a new combination for me, I didn’t use enough coconut because I couldn’t taste it. I also had 1 cup of milk. 6.5 points.

Dec17 003

I drank three cups of this at work:

Dec17 005

For a snack I had an apple 2 points:

Dec17 001

and this was one of the problems, saw these in the vending machine and splurged for 6 points:

Dec17 006

For lunch I had this salad again 4 points:

Dec17 004

and another one of these for dessert 2 points:

Dec17 007

I was stuffed after this lunch! But a few hours later I had these 4 points:

Dec17 007

I got off of work an hour early. My brother met me in town, he came to visit us for the weekend. He brought me a cappuccino for 2 points.

Supper was a little bit unhealthy, but my brother chose this for supper. I made pigs in a blanket. I had 2 of these and green beans for 12 points. I’m pretty much embarassed to even be posting this post- what TERRIBLE food choices today!

Dec17 009

And I had 3 reduced fat Oreos for dessert for 3 points.

Dec17 011

Ok, definitely done eating for the night!

Points: 40.5

Weekly points used: 9.5

AP earned: 2


  1. Pigs in a blanket used to be one of my favs! Yumm-O!

  2. The Grands Reduced Fat golden wheat biscuits are 3 points each. You can get fat free hot dog wieners for 1 pt each to help out on those pigs in a blanket. :)

    Hey, you had green beans! It could have been worse.

  3. Breakfast looks and sounds very interesting...
    Apples in Germany WW are points.
    Actually all fruits and veg besides sweet potato's and potato's are free.
    Loving the photo blog as I mentioned before.

  4. That apple looks really good. I like you food pictures. Thanks for sharing.



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