Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I got up this morning for a 4:30 AM workout. I did the Jillian Michael’s 30 day Shred DVD. It’s a good workout but I just wasn’t feeling it this morning. It’s my TOM, which I actually only get every 3 months or so, and I have some really bad cramps. TMI, I know. :) I did burn about 150 calories, definitely could burn more if I worked harder. But I’m still sore anyways.

Well, I got through my presentation. Good news, at the beginning of class the professor said that he had a schedule of who was going to go in what order and he wasn’t going to tell us what order that was. He then asked if there were any volunteers to go first, 3 of us raised our hands. He gave us TEN EXTRA POINTS for volunteering to go first- WHAT A RELIEF! I’m sure I really need those 10 points! haha. So I just did my thing, it was 9 minutes 30 seconds and it needed to be 10 minutes, so basically he asked the class if anyone had questions and no one did so he said “very good” and moved on to the next. Everyone else who went today was much shorter than 10 minutes so he interacted with them. I’m just glad it’s over. I have no idea how I did, but honestly I don’t really care. When it comes to presentations, I’m just happy to get through them! :) So glad that’s over!

I’m actually kind of excited for weigh in tomorrow! This morning showed another small loss, just slightly above my lowest weight. If I lose weight tomorrow, I’m a weight watchers supporter for life. If I can get through Thanksgiving weekend by following the plan and STILL LOSE WEIGHT- I’m with WW whole heartedly! From the looks of it, I’m going to have a loss but you never know what your body can pull on ya, especially when it’s your TOM.

Wish me luck, as always! :)


  1. I do wish you luck! I know you are so glad to get that presentation over with. My hubby is just finishing his MBA and he is so ready to be done!

  2. Good luck with WI! After getting the presentation done, you should be down about 10 pounds LOL!

  3. I'm with you on being a WW fan for life...I so believe in the program.
    I have a daughter who keeps on trying all these diets, crash diets and it drives me nuts as she is a SA WW and a US WW member...but its in her brain that these crash diets are the way to go. So frustrating.



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