Saturday, December 5, 2009


I set the alarm for 5 am this morning. I know, on a Saturday!? Right. I missed Thursdays workout, remember? So this morning I knew I wanted a little lighter workout. I went onto (which has some great free workout videos, BTW!) and did 5- about 5 minute long videos. It added up to 27 minutes. I did one of them twice. I did pilates, aeorobics, abs, kickboxing and a thighs exercise. I have to say I had a lot of fun! I definitely want to try out pilates, kickboxing and aerobics more. So I burned 160 calories, not a workout like running but I like my 2 of the 5 days to be more strength training type exercises and these seemed to be like that- so off to a good start!

Since this is the end of my workout week, I thought I would share what my heart rate monitor says:

Calories burned: 1018

exercises: 5

Time: 1 hour and 54 minutes

Not too bad for the time being. I’m happy with that. Eventually I will up my workouts, but for now this is working. This morning I was back down to my lowest weight- now it’s for keeping it off and going lower…!

9:00- On the way to WI, I had coffee w/ my pumpkin spice creamer, 2 clementines and a cheese stick- total of 2.5 points.

12:00- I’m not sure what to say about lunch. I only had one helping of everything except for 2 helping of apple salad, but how harmless is that. :) I’m not sure where to go for my points so I’m just going to try to watch it for the day and not eat a lot. I did have a small piece of cake for the birthday party. I feel a little overwhelmed…I ate a few pieces of cheese and salami w/ crackers and that makes me feel guilty. Need to stay away from the food sitting out- DANGEROUS!

5:00- My sister in law and I went shopping at an outlet mall here. I got a new skirt and a new shirt. All for about $4 total! I was really happy about that! It felt really good to walk and the air was crisp. So got a little bit of exercise in there too!

6:30- I really feel terrible. I ate too much for supper. We had left overs. I had another piece of cake and other munchies…I hate this feeling. It’s another reminder why I don’t want to go down this road again. Let’s hope for a better day tomorrow. No more to eat tonight though!!!


  1. Congratulations on those early morning workouts and for reaching your lowest weight to date.
    I have had 3 days of over eating, gone into my weekly bonus points I was really hoping not to go into, but with the new point system the foods all have more points than before and one cant help but go into them.
    Will do a weekly summary tomorrow...

  2. I think we all have days like your' just have to move on, keep your head up, and make the next day better!! Congrats on your early morning Saturday workout...I might have to try that site sometime...sounds fun!

    PS I love outlet malls too!!

  3. We all have days like that. No worries! I love shopping! I just haven't wanted to go. What if I lose weight and don't fit into the clothes? I guess I could look for more bargains. Have a great week!

  4. Some days are better than others. Hopefully today will be better!

  5. The food sitting out will get you every time! It's so easy just to go back for snacks. Sometimes when I catch myself doing that I take myself outside for a break...
    BODA weight loss



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