Sunday, December 20, 2009


I got on the scale this morning to see a new number- lower than ever! Of course, I don’t count it until Weigh In Day! But that was encouraging, especially considering yesterday’s foods. I feel shameful this morning knowing that everyone saw my food choices yesterday, not to mention a Dairy Queen ice cream cone last night…*covers my face*. But this is a new day, I’m still within my points so that’s all that matters. Do you feel guilty using your weekly points?

For breakfast, I had toast with peanut butter and a banana for 5 points.

Dec19 002

I’ve been trying natural peanut butters, and this is the newest:

Dec19 001

It has a nice consistency and it spreads well. Not too bad in taste either! Have you found a favorite brand that I should try?

After breakfast I did week 3 of my c25k! I ran both 3 minute sets at 5 mph!!! I was so proud of myself! I think I had the extra energy because I had eaten breakfast first. What do you think?

For lunch I made up a salad of 2 cups of lettuce, 2 Schwan's teriyaki chicken wings, 1 tbs each of raisins, feta cheese, pecans, and I made up a dressing with a little bit of raspberry pie filling and balsamic vinegar. I had 2 cups of milk to drink. This turned out pretty good! This was 6.5 points.

Dec19 003

For dessert I had one of these for 1 point:

Dec19 004

After lunch, my husband, brother and I went sledding. We had SOOO much fun! I don’t remember the last time that we went! I wore my heart rate monitor, and I burned 622 calories! Nice! Really good exercise and we’re definitely going to do it again! I took some pictures at the park, it’s very pretty and not far from our house! (Remember my December goal to go sledding for exercise? ACCOMPLISHED!)

Dec19 006

Dec19 007

Dec19 013

If you can see the hill in the background here, that’s the first hill we sledded on. It was really steep!

We came home and had some diet hot cocoa for free!

Dec19 017

My husband wanted to go out for Chinese for his birthday since we never go out for Chinese anymore. So I had 1 cup of egg drop soup, 1 egg roll, 1 cup of white rice, and 1 cup of peanut chicken. This was a total of 18 points. I had planned on using my weekly points for this anyways. So I’m not too upset with myself because I portioned everything out on my plate and now my husband has some for his lunch on Monday too! These pictures are very dark because I didn’t want to use the flash and draw attention to myself. lol

Dec20 001

Dec20 002

Dec20 003

It was delicious, but my body isn’t used to food like that anymore, so not something that I want to eat often anymore!

We then went to see Old Dogs at this cute little movie theater. It only costs like $2 to get in. It was a really funny movie! I had packed some candy from home for 3.5 points. Don’t tell them! ;)

Dec19 016

Then we came home, I took some Tums, and went to bed. :)

Points Used: 37

Weekly points used: 6

AP earned: 17


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic day! Sledding sounds like so much fun!

  2. Woo Hoo on the c25K! And yes, pre run fuel makes you more efficient and not tired.



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