Thursday, December 3, 2009


Last night I decided I wouldn’t get up early this morning to workout because of how sore I am. Don’t worry- Saturday morning I’m on it! I’m STILL sore from my half-hearted effort of 30 day shred. It hurts to walk. I’ve decided that it’s obviously a good workout, but one that I should save for the end of the week so I’m close to my rest days over the weekends.

I don’t even want to tell you what I weighed in this morning. I had a bad day yesterday, but I tracked everything.

For breakfast I had oatmeal w/ banana and a glass of 1% milk. I really love me some oatmeal this time of year! I love seeing all of your combinations on your blogs and want to try a lot of them. I really love mixing in bananas and peaches the most. What’s your favorite way to eat oatmeal?

I headed off to work, it started to flurry on the way there. It’s getting cold again here. Ick! I wanted to stay at work until 11:30 because my first class got canceled, but they didn’t need me because we were overstaffed, so I had 2 1/2 hours before class. It was snowing pretty heavily and the roads were getting pretty bad at intersections…I’m not looking forward to this stuff! I went to Old Navy and got my hubby a gift for his birthday and a shirt for myself for $3. Then I headed over to Subway and had an Oven Roasted Chicken Breast 6 inch. I had some baked BBQ lays also. I wanted something sweet so I picked up a small package of chocolate covered raisins. Went to Wal-Mart and did a little more shopping for my hubby. Then it was off to school! One more week of class left and one day for finals. I’ll be happy when Christmas Break is here!

I always sit down and read blogs when I get home and just take it easy for a while. BTW, check out my December goals on the right. I had some smart pop popcorn while reading the blogs. I love this popcorn but sometimes I think it gets me in that mindless eating mindset, which I have to really watch. I noticed that I hadn’t had very many fruits and veggies all day so I decided to eat 2 small clementines. I just LOVE these things! It is snowing again…it really is pretty to see…notice how my thoughts have changed now that I can stay in for the night? :)

I then wrapped presents for my hubby’s birthday on the 14th. Those are all ready to go! I wrapped the presents in front of the fireplace, listening to Christmas music and looking at the snow outside. How festive!

I spent the rest of the afternoon getting out the decorations and doing some cleaning. I have to have the house ready by Saturday morning because we are leaving for the weekend and will have guests Sunday night when we get home.

For supper I had 2 corn tortillas with 2 oz. of shredded beef and salsa.  I also had 1 cup of lettuce, 1 tbs. light sour cream, 1 tbs or colby shredded cheese. I made sure to eat 1 cup of green beans to get those veggies in for the day! Let me tell you, these tacos were delicious! I will definitely make those again. But my dessert was a little embarrassing. My husband came home from work with some donuts, so can you guess what I had? Didn’t taste as good as it sounded. But I’m still within my points so that’s all that matters.

Now I’m just going to take it easy for the rest of the night and plan on my 4:30 AM run/walk in the morning- we all know I need it!


  1. I love clementines, too! I can pop them like candy when the box has the really juicy ones.

    My favorite oatmeal combo rotates. Right now I love the pumpkin with cranberry sauce, although banana and nutbutter runs a close second.

  2. Enjoy your evening. It sounds like you had a good, busy day. I'm so impressed you have hubby's presents wrapped already! You are my hero!

  3. It's good to rest your muscles. I love oatmeal with dried blueberries and milk as well. I never thought I could eat oatmeal with butter and sugar but that is what I have done for over 4 months. Sorry to hear about the snow there. Is it easy to maintain a workout routine? I live in Southern California where it is 70 degrees almost everyday. I admire people that can maintain a workout plan when it is snowing. You guys are creative.

  4. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on your jogging experience. I am sore today but it is worth the pain.

  5. its 505 :) are you out there walking??

    im heading out to join you!


  6. I find I get sore calves after a step class but never from running ....
    I am having a few bad days myself but also tracking...its the time of the month as know my Monday weigh in is going to not be a good one for me.

  7. What a great day! I love clementines! Yummy!

  8. I love the picture you painted...wrapping gifts, christmas music, fire place, snow...just warms my soul!!! And I'm the same way, I love snow...but not to drive in!!

    Way to be conscious about getting your veggies & fruits in!!

    Happy Friday!



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