Tuesday, December 8, 2009


5 AM: I got up with my husband to help get him ready to leave. We had breakfast together. I had cheerios and some peaches. So sad to see him leave for a couple of days. This is the first time he’s had to stay overnight in the 3 years we’re been married. I had to go on a business trip earlier this year for a couple of days, so not the first time we’ve been apart, but we hated it! We woke up to a couple more inches of snow, which wasn’t really predicted! I took the day off of work so I can write one of my paper’s. It’s minimum of 10 pages and it’s due on Thursday.

7 AM: While writing my paper I had a few cups of coffee with creamer. I count this as 1 point.

9 AM: Because of my weird schedule on school days, I had to eat lunch/brunch a little early. I had 6 boneless teriyaki wings from Schwann’s for 6 points and 1 cup of green beans. I absolutely love these boneless teriyaki chicken wings- DELISH!

9:45 AM: Headed off to school quite a bit early in case the roads were bad. They were ok, a little wet but not bad. I ate a Kashi granola bar in one of my classes for 3 points.

3:00 PM: The ride home was a little bit more difficult, but still not terrible. Very slippery and it’s progressively getting worse- Glad to be home! I really wish my husband didn’t have to be gone the next couple of days. I’m really going to miss him! :( I had a couple of cups of Smart pop because I was SO HUNGRY when I got home!

5:30 PM: I had egg casserole with a couple very small pancakes and sugar free syrup. I also had a mixture of strawberries, banana, blackberries and grapes. Yum!

6-7 PM: I went outside and conquered the driveway with the shovel and snowblowed the sidewalks. That’s a bit of a workout! I feel sorry for Hubby who usually does it all! I came inside and had a cup of diet hot cocoa. The snow will be falling all night, but at least I got a head start on it!

Now it’s off to work on my paper and get it finished up. So far I have 6 pages done, so at least 4 more to go and then get together a bibliography. I won’t eat anything else for the rest of the night. Not sure how weigh in will go tomorrow, but today I was less than I was last Wednesday, so we’ll see!

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  1. My hubby used to go away so often, but now with the recession he hardly gets easier, but know its not nice to be without them.

    I have days ( and having lots lately ) were all I want to do is eat...I feel hungry, but dont think I actually am..I think mine is from being bored.



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