Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Wow! This week is finally over. Sometimes I feel like I’m wishing my life away, always wishing it was the weekend! But, now it’s here…so no more wishing! :)

This week has been an interesting one.

Monday, no school since it was Martin Luther King, Jr. day. So I had a 1/2 day of work and then home, which was nice. Tuesday was just an average day of work, 7-4:30. Wednesday we were hit with an ice storm. I left work at 11 and instead of going to school went straight home where I would be safe and not on the interstate! My husband got to go home early too, so it was nice to spend some extra time together. Thursday, I had to work but ended up being able to leave at 2:45, which was great, but would have been better if I hadn’t been feeling so terrible. I don’t know if it was from getting up early in the morning and running or if it was because I started the white pills on my BCP or what? But I had the most terrible migraine headache all day long. Nothing helped it. My vision was blurry. And let me tell you, people at work SMELL! Whether it be from smoking and not showering or just wearing too much perfume- seriously, it’s terrible and it’s only amplified when you have a headache. It caused so much pain in my sinuses. Today was my ordinary work and school day. Still not feeling quite right, but definitely not like it was yesterday!

One of our New Years resolutions this year was to pay off our debt. So we’ve set some rules and boundaries and so far we’re doing wonderfully. We allow ourselves to go out once a week, but it has to be a casual place where you don’t leave a tip- hence, it costs about 1/3 of a sit down restaurant. So tonight is SUBWAY! I used to grab this for a lunch frequently and I have missed it soooo much! I have it all planned out that I’m going to get a 6” Sweet onion chicken terriyaki and baked BBQ lays. My fave! We will allow ourselves to go to a nice restaurant once a month. We’re waiting for Valentines day for the next one.

So I guess I don’t have anything too interesting to write today, but I just wanted to update you all that I’m still alive and sticking to my plan! :) The scale is up, but I’m not worried a bit because it does this every week and then I lose it. Must be the way my body works.


  1. Did you miss out on any caffeine when you had your headache? Being a Starbucks employee I know all about the lack of caffeine headaches. If I don't have a coffee by 11am, I'm very unhappy. Now I've limited myself to one caffeinated beverage daily, any other items I drink must be caffeine free, like diet ginger-ale or sprite. I know I'll eventually limit those out though because I worry about the aspartame.

  2. Have you tried the DVD yet? Curious to see how you liked it :-)

  3. Sounds like a pretty good week except for the storm and the headache. I hate working around weird smells too. I kinda have to working in the grocery business. The areas I cover in the stores are deli, bakery, Chinese Kitchen, sushi, Starbucks and our cheese shops. So the weird smells are frequent.

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend girlie!

  4. Sorry about the migraine. I am super sensitive to people's odors on a regular basis. That gets annoying sometimes.

    Great job on the debt management - that's tough and something we can all take part in!

  5. We too are working on debt right now, and we get paid next Friday so we are hanging out at home!!

    Hope your headache went away and you are back to your usual energetic self!



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