Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Weekly 5- New and Old

Here’s a check up on last weeks:

  1. Workout a minimum of 5 days.
    1. Monday- c25k
    2. Tuesday- Biked
    3. Thursday- c25k
    4. Friday- The Firm DVD. I won this in a giveway from Katie- Thanks! I’m planning on doing a full post on this in the future- but I really enjoyed it!
    5. Saturday- c25k
  2. Paint my toenails- Yep; French manicure base.
  3. Take the stairs down at work – Every day!
  4. Do 10 sit-ups a day. Everyday- I actually ended up doing 20 on Sunday, but my side has hurt for the rest of the week- so I did the 10 Monday-Friday and I totally forgot to do them last night- Oops!
  5. Add one new song to my workout playlist.- downloaded Iyaz- Replay.

This week’s Weekly 5:

  1. Double my workouts. I have to get in two workouts a day. This is for the weight loss competition at work. I can see myself dreading this, so I’m only going to require the 2nd workout to be at least 10 minutes, but more if I’m up to it!
  2. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day. I currently require myself to drink at least 6, and many days I go over, but not all!
  3. Do the FIRM workout in it’s entirety. Last week, I did 20 minutes of it.
  4. Continue the 10 sit-ups a day.
  5. Cook a healthy recipe and do a post on it.


  1. Well done on last week...this week you going to rock it as can do it...

  2. You did great with your goals and this weeks goals are definitely do-able :)

  3. I love the FIRM! Sounds like a great week! Keep up the great work

  4. Great job!!!

    love the new weekly 5 as well!! i hope to get in a few 2-a-day's as well!! really want to kick up the weight loss!!

  5. These are really good goals! I can see you achieving all of them and winning that weight loss challenge at work! Keep it up, I am rooting for you!

  6. Those are awesome goals. I especially like that you're setting up the habit of the 2 a day workouts even if you're not going to be able to get two full ones in yet. I bet once you get started with that, it'll be much easier to add the next 10 and so on if you want it. (Normal caveats of don't push yourself too hard and don't get hurt apply.)

    Keep up the great work, Mae! You're rocking!

  7. If you get bored with the sit-ups, a good substitute would be planks. They are harder, but they work the whole core of the body.

  8. Good girl for you! Sorry I am so late to comment!



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