Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 5: 30 Day Shred

Once again, I burned more calories than the previous 4 days. Is my body getting more tired and having to work harder or am I getting stronger so I am able to work harder?

I did wear my shoes today. I thought everyone did their workout DVDs at home in their socks. lol I guess I’m the weird one! :) Seemed to be better support. I have noticed a lot of my shoes being looser. Whether it’s from them wearing in more or my feet getting smaller, I’m not really sure. All I know is that I now have two pairs of shoes that my feet float around in. So the support isn’t what it should be. I did feel like I had better control and balance. I wasn’t sliding on the carpet when I was trying to do some of the moves, so I’ll keep up with the shoe wearing.

I have noticed that my right knee is sore today. Any suggestions on how to make that go away? My shoulders have been slightly sore when I do the moves, but nothing I can’t handle. Other than that, I can still walk and my legs feel stoing when I do my squats. :)

My friend at work is going to borrow the dvd from her mom, so I’m interested to hear what she thinks of it! Hopefully she doesn’t think it’s easy because I’ve been telling her how hard it is! lol

Have a good weekend!


  1. I bet you are getting stronger! I too found that my shoes started getting loose and I needed a different brand.

    Be careful with your knee! If it's hurting I'd back off on the squats and lunges because they can be hard on the knees. Believe me I know from sad personal experience! :)

  2. I'm with Diane, you don't need a forced time out because of injury, take it slow and focus on upper body - while you shop for some new shoes. Be sure to post though, i too am in the market for some new runners and don't know which way to turn...

  3. Make sure you are stretching really good. Perhaps some ice and knee rest.

  4. your socks...Did I miss that entry???

    Look after that knee...I know so many people who trained through injuries and then made it you cant afford to do that now can you....??

  5. awesome job on burning more calories
    i bet you are getting stronger everyday



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