Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have been trying not to dwell on my failures. I have been making an attempt not to write on this blog about EVERY TIME I fail in little ways because I have begun to realize that little slip ups are really not as huge as I think they are. As long as I get back up and keep going I’m fine.

But yesterday was a little different. While in the bigger picture, yesterday was jut a little slip up, while it was happening I felt like it was a FIASCO!

The day went well. I went to work, went off to school. I ate all of my healthy snacks, etc. But after school I was absolutely beat. I don’t know if I just let myself relax after a hard week or what, but I really felt it. I felt a little depressed and I think it was because we had yet another CLOUDY day and I really love those SUNNY days. They really do something for my mood.

I had the best intentions of going home and doing my c25k workout. I did complete day 19 of the Shred in the morning, so I’m still on track with that. But I’ve been having some issues with asthma since this past fall. Yesterday was one of the bad days. It gets worse when I get into school. My nose fills up and I constantly feel like I have to yawn, like I’m not getting enough oxygen or something. Either that, or I’m developing some weird obsessive habit. lol. But then I keep coughing and clearing my throat because I have stuff choking me. (I bet you really want to sit by me in class, huh? lol). But when I left I finally just broke down and did my inhaler. I am always amazed when I can take a deep breath, I don’t think I’ve realized how long I’ve had this issue. But I just kept coughing on the way home.

SO I decided not to run. Mistake number 1. I recently read in The Spark about creating upward spirals rather than downward spirals. We can influence this by making one positive choice. I did not make a positive choice.

Instead, I ate two servings of trail mix, a serving of pistachios, and a serving of dark chocolate. And then for supper I ate 2 regular hot dogs and buns with pork and beans. To top it off, we went to the grocery store and bought some lite ice cream for dessert and candy to snack on while watching a movie. I felt incredibly guilty after all of this. Once again I could map it all back to my emotional state when I came home. I cannot let EMOTIONS rule me. I must be in CHARGE of myself. Another lesson learned.

So today I am moving on. I want to get in a good workout.

Hubby and I talked about it and decided that instead of going to our really nice restaurant for our Valentine’s Day date, we’ll go somewhere less expensive and spend more money on groceries. While it’s disappointing, I know it’s a smarter choice to make. We spend quality time together no matter WHAT place we’re at. But we’ve been low on groceries and I think that has a huge impact on what I’m picking for suppers and also what I’m choosing to eat for a snack. Time to go shopping for some healthy foods!

Wow- this turned into a LONG post! Thanks for reading! :) Have a great weekend! Make healthy choices!


  1. Sorry to hear that you had a bad day! I hope that you have a better one today :-)

  2. I think we all have days like that! The important thing is that you let it remain a day rather than turning into day after day. I sure hope things get better, but know that you are not alone! Hope you have a great weekend as well!

  3. We do all have days like that, but be careful not to blow it out of proportion as to how bad it really was. Also, if you eat off plan, make sure you enjoy it and don't feel guilty. Guilt leads to continued eating most times and wastes the calories you did eat if you regret them.

    Food does not have any power, and no single food is inherently bad or good. It's just food :D

  4. Sorry about the bad day. :-( Tomorrow will be so much better, and you seem to have a great attitude about refocusing.

  5. We all have days like that - I know I certainly do. It sounds like you didn't let it push you down though, but rather are using it as a springboard to just do better next time!

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

  6. I love your long posts, short ones too! I gave you an award on my blog. Have a super day!

  7. creating upward spirals rather than downward spirals

    I believe that, I've lived it many times. We just have to keep in mind that we have the power to interupt and reverse those downward spirals with a positive decision at any time. It's what keeps a spiral confined to a day, instead of, say, a week, eh? ;)



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