Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Tuesday

I was hoping to see a loss on the scale this morning after eating really well on Monday, but I only lost .2 lb. Usually if I eat the way that I did on Monday, I would lose a pound or two on Tuesday. My body seems to be out of whack lately. I need to get this figured out.

I decided to sleep in and workout when I got home from work. I tried to eat a lighter breakfast of cheerios and orange juice.

Tuesday is my usual weigh in at work day. I went to weigh on my break and neither of our HR people were in for the day yet. I was starving and knew I needed to eat a healthy snack and drink my usual water. I had been holding off on drinking water until I weighed in. So I decided to skip weigh in this week. We can skip one week, but not two weeks in a row.

I ended up leaving work at about 12:00 also. They ask us to go home if we’re not busy, I try to say no but today I was feeling sick. Scratchy throat, moments where I felt sick to my stomach and achy. I went home and got in my PJ’s, had some chicken noodle soup for lunch and then read a few blogs before spending the rest of the afternoon doing homework. I sipped on some Earl Grey tea (which I also drink every morning and LOVE) with honey and lemon mixed in. That helped my throat for a while.

It flurried all afternoon, kind of pretty to see outside the window but glad it wasn’t piling up! We don’t need anymore snow around here. If some of this snow doesn’t melt soon we are going to have flooding like we did in 2008, and that was terrible for so many people! On my drive to work I’m always amazed at the drifts that are higher than my car. Looks like sunshine for the next few days though! :)

I had supper ready when hubby got home. I cooked Schwan’s Teriyaki chicken wings. I LOVE these so much. They are 1 point a piece. They may have too many ingredients in them, but at this point they help me get by! I love these because at the end of the day I can determine how many points I have left and decide how many I want to eat. I ate 4 of those along with 1 cup of green beans for a 4 point supper. For dessert, I made some vitamin-C rich orange smoothies that taste just like Orange Julius for 2 points! Yum!

After supper, it was back to homework again. Who ever knew there were 40 page poems!

After I was finished with that I did day 23 of the 30 Day Shred. Level 3 really hurts my hip and knee on the left side. I think it’s all of the high impact moves. Only 7 more days left though and then I’m taking a rest day!! It felt good to get a workout in.

For the rest of the night I’m just going to relax. Looking forward to it! Tomorrow is my official weigh in day! I’m hoping for the best. Today has been completely on track and on points. I still have 3 points left over!


  1. Thats a nice progress :)

    Could you give me the recipe of the orange smoothie?

  2. nice onloy a week left
    are ya smokin hot yet
    i think so

  3. what a wonderful OP Tuesday!! You're bound to see a loss tomorrow! :)

    the orange smoothie sounds great right now to help fight off this darn cold that keeps trying to come on to me! PS I hope you're feeling better!!



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