Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Weekly 5

I’ve had a good weekend so far! Yesterday, I did my C25K first and then immediately did my 30 Day Shred workout. I think I liked this order better than the reverse. I had more energy to run and it seemed like I was more warmed up for the 30 Day Shred. I burned a lot of calories!

I have decided to change my workout weeks around a bit. I used to go by Sunday-Saturday weeks, but I think that if I had that extra day at the end of the week that I would set myself up for success. There are times throughout the week when I don’t get a workout in, and then I feel like a failure. So my new workout weeks will be Monday-Sunday. For example, this way I can get my C25K workout in 3 times this past week since I only did it once during the M-F part of the week.

Last Week’s:

  1. 30 Day Shred everyday – Still on track!
  2. C25K 3 times – Yep!
  3. Paint my toenails-I’m going to do that tonight! 
  4. Check out the Organic grocery store I found that’s near my campus. – We went there Saturday and were slightly disappointed. It’s a very small store but the prices are sky high, which is expected I guess. But we can’t afford to shop at a place like that. We did get a jar of peanut butter with no salt that’s made in Missouri. It is DELICIOUS and reasonably priced. Only ingredient: Roasted Peanuts. I love that. We also picked up 2 Luna bars for $1 each. I really like those things!
  5. Try to stay positive at work. – I did pretty well this week. My boss sits right by the windows and always has the blinds shut because of a glare on his computer screen. He was out this week, so I opened up the shades and let the sunlight in. You wouldn’t believe how much easier it made it to be at work. Everything in the office is gray. You wouldn’t believe how depressing it is! lol

This Week:

  1. 30 Day Shred every day
  2. C25K workout 3 times a week
  3. Track everything that I eat. I really need to focus on keeping my eating under control. I find that I run out of points by the end of the day and then I eat more than I should because I’m still hungry.
  4. Eat more fruit instead of other snacks when I’m hungry.
  5. NO VENDING MACHINE SNACKS AT WORK!! While I have stayed away from those cookies, I’ve been getting little treats out of the machine like those Quaker snack mixes or baked chips. I must stop with that!

Have a wonderful week!!


  1. Looks like you are doing good!

  2. I'm so impressed with your commitment to your health!! Sometimes small positive changes really add up :)

  3. Great week! Hope this week turns out great too! Best of luck

  4. you are doing AWESOME!! Keep up the hard work :)

    i always enjoy your weekly goals...which reminds me i need to paint my toenails too! :)

  5. reat goals you did great last week as well

  6. Look at you, hitting all those goals! Keep it up!!

  7. Those health food stores are great but expensive. I like all your goals - especially staying away from the vending machines!



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