Monday, March 1, 2010


Today was a good Monday for me- FOR ONCE! I enjoyed my whole day.

I went to bed on Sunday night in a bad mood. I was dreading the coming week. Dreading getting up at 5 am. I had a bad attitude about everything.

I woke up on Monday, miraculously in a good mood! The first thing I thought was, I can’t change the fact that I don’t like my job or that I feel lost in life right now and don’t enjoy my classes- but I can change my attitude. And you know what? It helped tremendously. It also helped that the sun was shining and it felt a little like springtime today. :)

One of my goals for the week is to have a different breakfast everyday M-F. This morning I was craving this:

monday 002

Yes, you are correct, that is heaven that you see there. ;) Wheat toast w/ a little peanut butter and banana x 2. Yum!

I had work and school today. Both went well. I came home opened all of the shades in the house and let the sunlight in, sat down at my computer and relaxed for a while.

I did my 30 Day Shred workout, hubby did some of the moves w/ me which helped me get through it. I am so ready for this to be over, let me tell you! One more day. One more day! :)

Tomorrow is weigh in at work- I can’t skip it this week! I think I’ll lose over the past 2 weeks, as long as my clothes and everything don’t weigh more I’m good! I always try to dress in something light on weigh in days at work. I know I’m not going to win, but I knew from the beginning that this was just a way to inspire me to keep on going in my own journey. I want to make sure I keep weighing in just the sake of not “quitting” the work competition.

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  1. That is one yummy breakfast! Bananas are my best friends these days!
    Congrats on completing the Shred! I am still at level2 day3. Its hard! But I love it.

    Best of luck for the weigh in. Hope the scale gods smile!

  2. Breakfast looks amazing, Im copying it tomorrow. I started a 6 week challenge today and the first week is to eat breakfast everyday:)

  3. great attitude and great job getting through the 2nd to last day of your shred
    you go girl

  4. That looks like a great breakfast. I should start doing that! It is so easy, and it is healthy for you :-) Have a great day!



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