Friday, March 19, 2010


I got on the scale this morning and I am up 5 lbs from my goal. Granted, this is not my weigh in day and I could be retaining fluid being that it is TOM and I had a salt filled supper last night.

But honestly, I’m just not doing very well. I am struggling. I am tired. And mostly I’m tired of coming on here to write that I’m struggling as it seems all that I have been doing lately.

There has been a lot going on this week. FIL is still in the hospital and we have been making the 45 minute drive to see him every night after work. We get home late and I’m missing on sleep. So I’m really looking forward to this weekend. He is getting better though- so that’s good!

Today will be a good day to start off on the right foot again. I work 7-11 and the rest of the day is mine. I’ve been having some issues with one of my eyes and I’m going to try to walk in to an eye place to my vision checked. I’ve never had eye problems- so this is new to me! I think it’s all of the time spent on the computer at work. I have a flat screen and all but I still notice it the most when I get up from my desk. I also have a dark spot that has been floating across my eye for about a year- so that’s what’s really making me go in. Hopefully it’s nothing to worry about!

I want to be positive and motivated. I’m going to try to make today the day!


  1. Oh! Please get it checked soon so that the worry doesn't get you! ((hugs)). Make it your day! Go girl!

  2. We all struggle at times. Sometimes for a long time. Take some time and look at where you started from and what has changed since then. Make a list of all the great things that you have done and read them aloud each morning to work on getting a positive outlook going.

  3. I think the lack of sleep will do that to you. Once you get some rest, things will look up.

    Glad to hear FIL is on the mend. Good news.

  4. Sometimes it feels like one step forward and two steps backwards. Just keep making the steps forward. Oh, I struggle, too.

    As far as those black floating things going across your eyes, I have them, too, and they are a blessing of aging. They are normal and nothing to worry about. Still get checked out, but I just wanted to give you some relief. They're weird aren't they?



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