Monday, March 22, 2010

Turning It Around

I read in The Spark a while back about turning things around. I have mentioned this before because it really makes sense to me. I had a bad day at work today and an ok day at school. I am stressing about a midterm I haven’t found time to study for and normally these are things that drive me to eat when I get home.


For some reason I was craving a run instead of chocolate. All day long I thought about how good it would feel to go outside in the 55* weather and go for a run under the clear blue sky with the sun shining down on me.

So that’s just what I did. And it wasn’t a struggle to get myself out there.

The run was tough today for some reason, maybe because I got out of work so late that I barely had time to eat my sandwich, let alone anything else. But it sure felt good. Why can’t my brain work like this everyday? :)

But I turned things around. I made a choice to have a positive spark that just lit the fire to turn my day around. Now I’m covered in sweat and sitting in the sun porch feeling the nice breeze blow over my reddened face. I am less stressed and am much more happy than I was when I got home! :)

Love it.

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  1. That's what I want to hear! Yay!!!

  2. Way to turn things around! Great job!

    Ah, the after glow of a run. Nothing quite like it. :)

  3. AWESOME job!! Running over chocolate is a HUGE NSV!!! I'm so proud!!

    And 55 in Iowa sounds lovely!! ;)

  4. I love it! A good choice like that not only gives you a good day, but gives you the motivation to do it again! Yay!!!

  5. Good choice! That is a NSV!

  6. you did great! you turned it around and made the better choice..thats the have a wonderful day! kelli

  7. Great turn around !!! I think the warmer weather and sunny days acts like a tonic for our souls and we just want to behave more alive because of it !

  8. That's so great that you are desiring the things that are so healthy for you!

  9. I ran today also, and it felt so amazing to get out the frustration of the last couple days! I never want to start my run, but something in my brain always makes me do it. I love how I feel after!



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