Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!

Today was a good day for me.

I made a conscious decision to turn it around.

I don’t care how many times I have to do that, I’m going to keep doing it. Every time I fall down, I’m going to get right back up!

I was able to get a box of Kashi puff cereal on sale and with a coupon for less than $2. My hubby and I both really like this cereal! Only 1 WW point too. I was amazed. So I had that for breakfast this morning with a banana cut up in it.

Work was the usual. But I took a 10 minute walk outside on my break. The weather was gorgeous. 80* and sunny today. I love it!

School was fine. It’s very hot inside and it just makes me so tired! There are windows everywhere, but they’re really heavy and no one can ever get them opened. Fire hazard, anyone?

I came home and sat down for a bit and then made myself get up and go for a bike ride! I knew that I wanted to do something outside, but running would be too hard for me to do in the heat. Just the thought of it made me want to just sit down again. So I decided to go biking. It was well worth it.  I listened to Kenny Chesney beach music and set my mind’s eye on a different setting than the streets of small town, Iowa. It was great and so relaxing. I burned 269 calories.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to push myself to run if I don’t feel like it. As long as I am burning calories and getting exercise, that’s what is most important at this point. I don’t want to give up on running, but at this weight it’s just hard and I don’t look forward to it most days. I need exercise to be fun, like it was today!

For supper, I made up a delicious taco salad. Yum! I made a conscious effort to try to eat healthier. Instead of having my usual, couple of tacos, I decided if I had a salad I could save the points on the shells and probably eat 1/2 of the meat that I would have otherwise. Hubby and I had been eating a lot of avocados lately. They are really high in points but I know they’re good for us. I just cut up about 1/4 of an avocado and weighed it. It counted as 1 point, well worth it and just enough!

I thought a lot today about empowering myself. Believing in myself. Holding myself accountable. Setting high standards for myself and believing that I can attain to them. I am going to work harder at believing in myself and you should too!!

There is nothing we can’t attain to if we set our minds to it!


  1. What a great post! I was thinking about you this morning. I read your other post and then you left an encouraging comment on my blog.

    I feel the same way you do. WE CAN DO ANYTHING WE SET OUR MINDS TO! It takes some time to get to that mindset but once you are there the sky is the limit!

  2. Yes - being accountable to yourself and enjoying the process - that's what it is all about!

  3. Woo hoo for you!! Great job on your workout and for all this postive-ness!! That is just what you need to succeed on this journey!! Keep it up!! :)

  4. That's the way girl! That's the attitude!! I am so happy you decided to turn it around! Keep going! Great job on the biking :D

  5. Great attitude adjustment in the right direction! I can hear the excitement in your post!

  6. YOU GO GIRL! A bike ride sounds like a great way to spend some time getting healthy!

  7. I love my running and not into cycling as I'm a nervous wreck that I will fall,as I have...and I'm a qualified spinning instructor. Got so used to sitting on a bike that didn't move when I got onto a real one I fell every time I had to stop as forgot to put my foot on the floor...* Stop laughing * ....hehe



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