Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend: Friday and Saturday

On Friday night, we packed up and headed to my parent’s house in IL. The drive went a lot faster now that it’s light outside. It takes about 3.5 hours. I had picked up Subway for us to eat in the car and I made us healthy raspberry/banana smoothies to go with our subs. Yum! It was so hot today, we were wanting something cold later on, so we stopped at Dairy Queen and I got a small Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard. I don’t use points on blizzards very much anymore, but I had a TON of points left and it was WORTH it. So good!

Once we got to my parents and settled in, my parents asked me how much weight I had lost now, and were impressed. I said the weight loss is slow, but the exciting thing is that I can run a little bit now! My little brother said, “You want to go for a run?” haha. My little brother had just gotten home from playing basketball for 4 hours and was still soaked in sweat. Yep, this is typical of both of my brothers. Do they ever tire? So I agreed to go. It was 11 PM, dark outside and nice and cool. My brother wears this light on his head, think one of those lights that goes on the front of a hardhat. It has a band that wraps around so people can see you and you can see where you’re going. I haven’t been able to run in a neighborhood before and it was really great! Our sidewalks at home are just not in good condition, but they are here! I burned 408 calories and felt amazing.

On Saturday, I started out with oatmeal w/ a peach mixed in, 1 cup of milk, and pineapple. Hubby and I spent hours running around town trying to find a PC that met certain requirements. By the time we were done, it was lunch time. I had lunch meat on an Arnold sandwich thin, cucumbers, watermelon, carrots and pineapple. Yum! And only 4 points, I couldn’t believe it! After lunch, Mom and I went shopping. I bought a size 14/16 shirt!!! I was happy about that! :) I also got a cute pair of dressy silver flip flops.

Saturday afternoon, we headed up to my brother’s in WI. It was great to see him, my SIL and my two nephews. My nephews are growing so much and it’s always fun to see them! We had a delicious supper of: grilled chicken, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and red lobster style biscuits. Yum! I had 21 points saved up for this, although on the way up we all wanted a 49 cent cone from McDonald’s for 3 points, so I had 18 points saved up. ;) Supper was SOOOO good. I had 2 servings of mashed potatoes (because we never eat them at home) and 2 biscuits (overindulgence). They didn’t have any diet pop, so I did drink a regular Pepsi w/ Cherry and Vanilla- I’ve been wanting to try that flavor- it was pretty good! For dessert, she served these delicious white cake cupcakes with a raspberry/lime curd filling, topped with a raspberry frosting made of whipped cream, also topped with strawberries and blueberries. As you can imagine, I could not stop with 1 and had 2. Another overindulgence. I ended up using 11.5 weekly points, but I tracked everything and I feel in control, and that’s what is important. Thinking back, if I had wanted to do better, I would have only eaten one serving of the potatoes and one biscuit, but I’d still have eaten the 2 cupcakes! ;)

After supper, we all walked up to the park near their place. My brother, hubby, and I played frisbee for a while. I am terrible and throwing a frisbee, so they got a workout running after it, but I’m getting better! hehe. So I burned some calories doing that. I just love to see all of us being so active. Doing things like that instead of sitting on the couch. It makes me smile. :) I feel like as a family, we are all getting healthy. My Mom and Dad are trying to eat healthier. ALL of my brothers and sister and VERY active people, and now Hubby and I are too. Yes, I can say we are active too, and that’s so great to be able to say. Really funny, because I told my sister about Naked fruit juice, and now she buys cartons of it and LOVES it because it is so healthy. I also told my sister, SIL and Mom about Greek Yogurt and they are all addicted to it. :) It’s great that I can help everyone be healthier too. That makes me feel good.

My Brother and SIL both commented that I looked like I had lost a TON of weight and that I am doing so well. They’re still planning on coming up July 4th to run a 5k in my town, which makes me nervous because I know I can do it, but I may come in last of EVERYONE in the town! ;)

I was planning on doing a post for the whole weekend, but this is just getting TOO long! :) I’m going to break it in half and post about Sunday and Monday later! Hope your weekend is going as wonderfully as mine is!!


  1. Glad you are having a great time.
    And cool on the smaller-sized shirt!

  2. Hey life happens and we're meant to enjoy it :) I think you handled everything great!!
    Once we get to maintenance we have to know how to handle weekends like that.
    Hope your having another great day today.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time...the only think that popped into my mind when I read *pop soda* was - NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO has my message not gotten out to yet??

    But otherwise - LOL ;)
    I'm with you when it comes to eating out and wanting to be in control, but its just not that easy...I had a bad day yesterday as understand when the NO NO foods come around...I go * okayyyyyy - this time!

  4. Great job on the run! You can do a 5K. Don't worry about coming in last because you are always ahead of those that don't even do the race!

  5. Great job with all that eating! You can definitely run that 5K. Don't worry about coming in last! Its participation that counts :)



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