Thursday, May 27, 2010


Tonight Hubby and I went for a run outside. It’s cooler than it has been, but it is still in the 80’s, so it’s pretty hot! This time we each carried a water bottle with us, which we usually don’t do. I know it’s important to hydrate during exercise and I fail to do that enough when running!

But I noticed that since I drank water, I got a cramp in my side, which usually doesn’t happen. I probably drank 1 cup of water while running and finished the rest off when I was done running, so I didn’t drink a TON while actually running. How much water should you drink while running? How do you keep yourself from getting those cramps?

It felt great! I love our runs together. :) Hubby is finally in this exercise thing with me after work. It’s something we can do together right when we get home and talk about our days. I burned 398 calories! I’m very happy with that. :)

I know I need some new running shoes because mine are just getting too big. I can feel my feet slipping around in them when I run. That’s my next 10 lb goal. If I get down to 232, I get a pedi though- definitely need that! 10 lb goal is at 228, and I’m at 235.2. So I have a little ways to go, but maybe the pedi will be within reach in a couple of weeks?

Stay strong!! Don’t give up!


  1. Love those last words! Great inspiration :)

    I get those cramps sometimes too after drinking lots of water. The best way is probably to sip in a little water at a time. Just enough to keep you hydrated.

  2. I never take water when I run outdoors and sometimes run for over an hour.
    When I run on treadmill its easier to drink but then also forget and drink when I'm finished.

    I get cramps now and again - without drinking...If I start off to fast I get cramps, so start off slowly for at least the first 10mins then slowly go fatter, that way I prevent the cramps as they are so painful.



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