Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Walk in my Flower Garden

I thought I would share some of my flowers from my flower beds again this year. Just a bunch of photos to let you see how pretty they are! Some of these aren’t really the best pictures, but I was just snapping quickly.

 May2010 021 May2010 022 May2010 023 May2010 025 May2010 026 May2010 027 May2010 028 May2010 029 May2010 030 May2010 031  May2010 033 May2010 034 May2010 035 May2010 036 

Tomorrow is WI, I’m looking forward to it and hoping for a loss. I was up slightly this morning, but that could change tomorrow- for better or worse! I have some exciting news to share but I want to make sure it’s finalized before I do! :) So stay tuned!


  1. So much blooming already! Very pretty :D

  2. I love it! Especially the Gazania!

  3. Oh! Such a lovely garden!

  4. Love your garden - have no flowers in my garden....tried but they not surviving....love the colors.

  5. Love the flowers!!

    Good luck w/the WI!

  6. Now I see the results of all the April showers....such pretty Mae flowers!! :) Beautiful! :)



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