Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yesterday’s Weigh In

I weighed in yesterday at 235.2. I lost .2 for the week. 52.8 lbs overall. Pretty small after last week’s 2.8, but I’ll take it. I went through some stressful events last week and didn’t do my best 100% of the time, so I’m happy with a loss! This week, I’ll just blow that number away! :)

We are going to my parent’s this weekend, which I’m really excited about. I’ll have to be very careful about me eating while we’re there. It’s not them- it’s me. I slip back into my old habits and I think there’s some emotional issues there too. Happiness and fun has always been centered around food for me as I grew up. My brothers and sister do not have this problem, so it’s something with me personally and is not anyone’s fault. It’s something I will have to learn to work on when I visit home and I’m happy to be there! No eating when I’m happy! haha


  1. Good going on the loss....agree...a loss is a loss....
    Make good choices - and watch portion size...that already will help you with the happy time eating.

  2. Great job on the loss!! It is still a loss :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. That calls for a celebration!!!! ;) Congrats on the loss!

    And, good luck at your parent's house! Planning ahead really helps!

  4. Congrats on the loss...big or small it is still a loss!

    Have fun this weekend!

  5. Good loss, big or small! :-)



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