Monday, June 14, 2010

Bike Ride Tour

Hubby and I went on a bike ride tonight. We started off just wanting to go on a short ride and before we knew it, 45 minutes had flown by. This time, I pushed us to finish it out at an hour. We did it and here are the results!

bikeride 014

I like to see higher calorie burns. I don’t usually workout for more than 1/2 hour at a time. I brought the camera and snapped a few shots here and there to show you some parts of where we ride.
We really are surrounded by corn fields out here in Iowa. :)

bikeride 004

This is a shot along the trail, facing our town:
bikeride 005

This is the spot we usually stop at, one mile out, on our evening rides. This trail goes on for miles in the country.

bikeride 006

Me, trying to be an artist. hehe

bikeride 007

This is where the trail ends on the other side of town. The part of the trail across town is paved, a much easier ride than the gravel parts!

bikeride 009

The inevitable Iowa cows on the city limits:

bikeride 010

At the end of the trail looking back across town:

bikeride 011

Another country scene. It seems to stretch on forever, doesn’t it?:

bikeride 012

This Iowa life is new to me. I grew up a big city girl. But Hubby grew up here, so when we got married, I moved here. We compromised by living in a small town. A little country, a little town. :) So there ya have it, a little piece of where I’m from. The ride felt so great! I’m proud of us for going a whole hour!


  1. Great watch if I can still call it that. Things are so high tech now. Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful pictures. Life seems so peaceful there. I would love to live in a place like that. The big city can be so overwhelming. Thanks again for sharing and great job on your ride with the hubby.

  2. Nice watch! Its so good to keep a track of calories burned.

    Love the pictures too! Very beautiful!Maybe you've discovered your hidden talent!

  3. Thanks for the pictures! I forgot how flat Iowa is LOL (we used to live in IL).

    Great ride, too! :D

  4. You are an artist.
    Those pics look wonderful!
    Just like you and your sweet blog!

  5. That trail looks AWESOME! Everything is so green!

    Don't you LOVE when you have fun and look down and see a great calorie burn?? I LOVE riding!

  6. Well done on the calories the pink polar, I have blue, we don't have pink in Germany!!

    Great photo's sharing your route...very country looking I agree...I'm used to that with living here....
    Thanks for sharing.



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