Sunday, June 27, 2010


7 AM: I am going to write about what I’m eating all day today to try to keep myself on track. Last night wasn’t so good. I am still ok, but I don’t have very many weekly points left- which isn’t good! I indulged in a small DQ blizzard and had a cookie. All of which I could have lived without. But today is a new day and I intend to make it a better, healthier one.

8 AM: Breakfast served was an egg, a slice of cheese and ham on a bagel. I requested just an egg with the ham and cheese on top. My SIL made me an egg w/ 1/2 slice of cheese and ham. I also had 1 cup of 100% orange juice. Total points-5.5- I also had some coffee w/ flavored creamer- I count that as 1 point. So, I saved 4 points on the bagel- Healthy choice!

12 PM: I felt like I made good choices. I had 1 brat, 1/4 cup of potato salad, veggies, fruit, a couple chips, and 1 1/2 cookies for dessert. I stayed away from the regular pop, but I did have a cup of sweet tea. The cookies are never good for me- once I eat them, I can’t stop.

3 PM: After spending a few hours in the lake and sitting in the sun, I was a little hungry. I ate another cookie. See what I mean?

6 PM: Hungry again, ate another cookie.

6:30 PM: By supper time I felt like I had really messed up. I ate a very small hamburger (on a bun), more potato salad than I needed, 1/2 a brat, more chips than I needed, sweet tea, and 1 1/2 cookies. What a mess! As you can see, I ate way too many cookies. But so was everyone else, but they’re thin and always have been, and don’t have to worry about it! I do. By this time, I was disappointed in myself.

9 PM: My sister in law offered me a small bite of nutella- I took it, of course.

That was everything I ate for the day. I have such a hard time around family. My SIL is an awesome cook and makes the most delicious food. Last time I went to my parents, I did awesome. This visit to my brother’s? I’d say I could have done a lot better. I did drink water almost all day though. We were very active. We swam all day, played catch, and played beach volleyball. I enjoyed myself and had a lot of fun. But I need to figure out how to control my eating!

I’m going to try again today! :) I hope this doesn’t make me gain all of the weight I lost this week. I’m embarrassed even posting this, but I guess I need to show the reality of struggling with food choices and weight loss. So there ya have it.


  1. I like that you are honest about the struggle. I appreciate the honesty...and its nice to know others struggle too. It could have been way worse. Drink lots of water and flush out your system. Today is a new day!

  2. Some days are so much harder than others!!

  3. We all struggle...I bet writing it all down helped you do much better today! Don't beat yourself up...ok?

  4. Don't be embarrassed. Just hop back on the wagon tomorrow and focus on the good stuff. I have a bad sweet tooth so I keep plenty of fruit in the house. Good luck tomorrow.



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