Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weigh In Day

I gained 1 lb this week. I’m disappointed but I’m not giving up. I tracked everything this week. I exercised 4 days, my goal is 5 days a week. There’s always room for improvement. I ate almost all of my weekly points, so this week I am going to try not to eat so many. I had a feeling I would gain this morning based on how my body feels. I feel bloated and ugh. This certainly doesn’t help  my goal to lose 20 lbs this summer. I’m going to all that I can to make next week a better weigh in!

We watched the BL finale last night. It’s so inspiring to see the changes in all of the contestants. It’s so amazing! It’s great to know that I will be there too someday. I’m already getting smaller as it is. Hubby is always commenting on how much smaller I look. I just want the lbs to come off!! It’s important that I don’t get impatient with myself though, as that is why I have failed before.

Don’t quit!


  1. That's right! Don't quit! Hang in there for some more time :) You'll sail through!

  2. This is what gets to me...those WW weekly points are the to be eaten and designed in a way that we should still be losing weight...but why don't we!!!

    I've trained 7 days a week and not now going to only train 5 as what's the point, whether I train 5 or 7 my weights stays the same. Whether I eat all my weekly bonus points or only my daily, my weight stays the same.
    What is this program all about I am asking myself. It was so easy now finding it so hard.

  3. Don't get too frustrated!! It is amazing how the scale can play tricks on us. You will show a bigger loss next week :)

  4. Just keep going! I know eventually that stupid scale will move in the proper direction :)

  5. Sorry that you had the gain. This week is a new week and you will have a GREAT week this week! Keep your head up!

  6. Slow and steady!
    Our bodies seem to have their own agenda.
    We are wise to listen to it when we can.
    It's all good!



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