Friday, July 9, 2010

A Big Work Change

Over a month ago I said that I was going to have something exciting happening that would make my life easier, but I didn’t want to announce it until it was finalized. Well, FINALLY it’s happening!

I will be working from home now! It will be a test for 90 days and then they’ll let me know if it will work out permanently. Two of us were chosen to be in the pilot. I was a lucky one!

I am happy about this for a variety of reasons. But first and foremost I am happy that I will be able to cook healthy foods for myself that will be satisfying, that I will have more time to exercise and less time spent commuting! I feel like this is going to help my weight loss. I know I will probably find struggles in this too, but I’m hoping for the best! No more vending machines!!

I will be doing the same job as I am doing now, so I will be dealing with the same stressful situations, but at least I can do it in my PJ’s if I want to!!

I will save on gas money, about $50 a week. The awesome thing is, hubby recently got a promotion that entitles him to a company truck and he no longer has to pay for gas either! So we will have less wear and tear on our vehicles, fewer oil changes, and we should just save money altogether!

I just hope that I don’t miss people too much! I will have Instant messaging, so I can still talk to people at work.

I am really looking forward to this. I am supposed to start on Monday as long as nothing comes up. They have been putting this off time and time again, so I hope it’s actually going to start on Monday!


  1. now that is really exciting, congratulations, am so very happy for you....hope those 90 days are filled with success.

  2. How exciting! And now you have more time to blog too :)

    GOOD LUCK...can't wait to hear how it goes!

  3. That IS exciting and the savings can be put towards something rewarding for you and hubs
    :-)Have a great weekend!

  4. Very exciting!! Good luck and the savings will be SO great!!

  5. That's really exciting! I am kind of in the same boat...I'm not at home working...but I am the only one that works at the office..gotta be self-motivated!

  6. Woo Hoo! I work from home and it does present its own challenges (hello fridge and pantry always there). Just develop a new routine and stick to it, like you do with your job now.

    The no commute part is the best, especially in bad weather!



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