Friday, July 30, 2010


Breakfast was a slice of banana bread (I ended up adding a little butter because it was dry), some peaches and a few blueberries. I drank a ton of water this morning because of last night’s supper- I was so thirsty! (4 points)

73010 001

We were out of milk (time for groceries!) so I had one of these instead of my usual iced coffee. (2 points)

73010 002

No snacks on my first break today. It’s funny because before I signed in to work, my stomach was growling. But the cappuccino must have taken care of my hunger because I was fine by break time.

I had a little bit of time to read my Fitness magazine because we were slow for a while, but then things picked up again and we were pretty busy!

For lunch, I had a sandwich thin pizza for 5.5 points. I also had more wax beans from the garden. They look like French fries in the picture, don’t they?

73010 003

For something sweet, I had 15g (1/2 serving) of Trader Joe’s Orange flavored cranberries for 1 point. I LOVE these things!

73010 004

No snacks again on my last break. But by the time I was done working, I was pretty hungry! But I was trying to save my points for tonight.

We went out to IHop. I was able to plan ahead, which always makes things go a lot better. I ordered off of the Ihop for me menu, which has a lot of great options! I had Whole Wheat French toast that came topped with bananas and along with egg beaters and 2 strips of turkey bacon. I added a little sugar free syrup. They have nutritional information listed, but it does not list fiber. So I counted this as 11 points, but it was probably lower if I had been able to factor in the fiber. Well worth the points and it only cost $4.19.

73010 005

We went shopping for a wedding gift for a reception for tomorrow- nothing like waiting until the last minute! We also stocked up on groceries. We stopped at Sonic for dessert (this was planned too!).

73010 006

This sundae is 10 points. For the first time in my life, I ate about half of it and decided not to finish it. This is a huge NSV for me, I don’t know if it will happen again- but I hope it does! I counted it as 6 points.

So that’s it for today! I stayed within my points- so very happy about that! But looking back, I really lacked in the fruits and veggies category. Probably because we didn’t have anything left in the house before we got groceries tonight! Have a great weekend!


  1. Those pizzas look so yummy! I'm a freak for pizza. LOL

    And so glad that you posted about the 100 calorie coffee mix. I had no idea that existed. I know what's going to be on my shoppig list. :)

  2. NSV 4 sure!
    Yummy looking food.
    I LOVE Trader Joe's.
    None here in Dallas. Yet.

  3. There's always tomorrow for more fruit and veggies :)
    Being satisfied with half a sundae is huge!!!

  4. Am enjoying your food choices and seeing how many America WW points they are. Thanks

  5. I haven't had waxed beans since I was a kid. My mom was fond of canned vegetables, me, not so much! It's funny how even things I didn't like can bring back fond childhood memories though.

  6. What I remember most about all of the blogs I visited before was the great food pictures you always have! Yumm! Glad to see you are doing so well. It's starting over time for me. Hope I can count on you for support.

  7. Love the ideas of sandwich things pizza. Will be doing that one soon!

  8. Great job with the food, and I love that you stopped eating the ice cream when you were done! That is a huge NSV!



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