Thursday, July 29, 2010

I did it! I did it!

This morning I reluctantly climbed out of bed. I’d much rather stay in bed, but what else is new. Once I was up, I felt like I had more energy than usual though.

For breakfast, I had a slice of whole wheat bread w/ peanut butter and 2 small peaches. I loaded up on water as I had a run planned for this morning.

072910 001

I headed out for my run. Absolutely perfect running weather. Like 63*. Fabulous. Like I said, I felt like I had more energy this morning. My goal was to run 3 miles.

I DID IT!! I ran 3 miles without stopping for the first time in my life. It took me 42:54, my 5k time was 42:21, which is funny because I walked part of it. But oh well, I’ll get better! Today it was all about finishing- not my time. My heart rate monitor wasn’t working at all this morning. It said that I burned 92 calories. lol. I calculated my calorie burn on Daily Mile and it said 833, which seems excessive, so I’m not really sure what I burned. Oh well!

I had 30 minutes to myself before I had to get ready for the day. I read blogs and then whipped up one of these again.

072910 002

I had a piece of homemade banana bread on my first break.

072910 003

For lunch I had 1 can of tuna w/ 1 Tbs. light mayo, a tomato, cucumbers, and 1/2 cup of brown rice topped with a little blue cheese dressing.

072910 004

I was craving something sweet, so I had 1 serving of chocolate chips.

072910 005

The afternoon flew on by! For my last break I had the last 1/2 cup of bing cherries.

072910 006

Supper was a pain to cook. I just kind of came up with this idea. So I was cooking zucchini in one pan, tomatoes in another, (after I had chopped the aforementioned produce) boiling whole wheat pasta, and warming alfredo sauce, while Teriyaki chicken was baking in the oven. In the mean time, I whipped up some garlic toast on 1/2 a sandwich thin w/ 1 tsp of butter, garlic salt and a little mozzarella cheese- making sure to add the cheese just before it was done! All of this while setting the table. ;) So you see why I say it was a pain.

But the end result- totally worth my efforts. This sauce was SOOO good. I added the zucchini, tomatoes and chicken to the alfredo sauce. The tomatoes cooked down, adding this wonderful flavor to the sauce. I put this over my whole wheat spaghetti.

072910 008

For a little something sweet:

072910 010

I don’t know how it’s possible but I still have 1.5 points left over. I don’t think I’ll be using them- because I am so full right now! But they’re there if I need them.

Question: Would you like me to post the points values of the foods I’m cooking, too?

Question 2: Do you have to blow your nose when running? I seriously have to blow my nose every 1/4 mile or more! Is there a fix for this?


  1. Yay on the run! You are a runner girl now :D

  2. Those cherries look great in that blue bowl!
    And blowing yer nose on the run?

  3. Great meals! You are doing so good with running, Congrats!

    I don't know about wanting to blow nose while running :)

  4. Well done on the 3 miles when running..and YES when the weather is colder I want to blow my nose all the time....but wait,....even when its hot I want to from time to time so always carry a tissue with me.

  5. GO YOU ON THE RUN!!!!!


  6. When I am on the run, I know it is disgusting, but I do a farmer's blow. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. My nose runs all the time when I run. I do the sleeve, Gross I know or the suck it up stuff. Not fun.


    And of course, I would love the point value :)



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