Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

I want to start off by saying how excited I am to be planning for an upcoming review with CSN Stores! You have to check out their website. They have 200+ sites and so many great things to chose from! They sell things like dining room furniture, health and fitness items and even shoes! I am most excited about the housewares section of the site because I am always looking for tools that will help me in the kitchen so that it’s easier to eat healthfully. So stayed tuned for my review in the near future!

Remember my guest post for I just happened to visit that page again and noticed they had changed the post so that you can tell that I wrote it now. It’s also open for comments now- so feel free to leave me some love! lol So while at first I felt like the experience wasn’t the best- I have changed my mind and am happy with the experience that I had with and would be happy to guest post again! (BTW, those are not my feet in the picture they put w/ my post! lol)

I wanted to keep sleeping this morning, I was sleeping so well. 5 AM came too early! But I got up with hubby and headed downstairs for breakfast. I had a toasted sandwich thin topped w/ almond butter and 1 medium banana. I also drank 1 cup of 1% milk. Total points- 7.

7202010 001 

It was a beautiful morning. There was this pink haze over everything as the sun rose in the east. I tried to capture it with a picture, but it doesn’t do it justice.

7202010 002

Hubby and I made plans to go running in the evening, so I headed back upstairs and went to sleep for another hour. It felt great. I love that I have time to do this in the morning if I want to. I spent a little time reading blogs and then got my iced coffee ready for the morning- 1.5 points.

7202010 004

For my first break, I snacked on 1 cup of grapes for 1 point.

7202010 005

For lunch I had an egg white omelet made up of 3 egg whites, 3 slices of turkey bacon, 1 slice of deli turkey, 1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese, and 1/4 cup of mushrooms for 5 points. It kind of fell over on my plate- so not very pretty!

7202010 006

For dessert, I threw a small frozen banana into the food processor for some banana soft serve- 1.5 points. I forgot how delicious this is!

7202010 007

The afternoon is the long part of my day, but it went quickly! I has a sore throat all morning, so I decided to soothe it with a Schwann’s bomb pop for 1 point.

7202010 008

I also brought back 2 small peaches for .5 point.

7202010 009

And sipped on some of this. I came across it over the weekend and thought it looked interesting! It didn’t taste too bad, a little weird drinking a flower taste though.

7202010 010

For supper, I had 2.25 oz grilled chicken breast, 1/2 cup (?) green beans, 1/4 cup light cottage cheese, and a baked sweet potato topped with 1 Tbs. of brown sugar. This was for a total of 6 points. The sweet potato was sooo delicious.

7202010 011

For dessert, I repeated last night, but had one serving of vanilla ice cream and a No Pudge! brownie- 5 points.

7202010 012

Hubby and I each got on our computer’s for a while after supper. I read my blogs and got my daily weight loss inspiration. :)

We finally geared up for our run. We decided to run on the trail that goes outside of town this time, 1 mile out and then turned around and ran 1 mile back- and then ran 1/2 mile on the trail in town. WOW, was it ever hot out there! It was 81* and 79% humidity. There was no shade whatsoever on the trail out of town. I was absolutely baking. I finished though. 2.5 miles in 38 minutes, much slower this time! But I burned 551 calories- and at this point, it’s not about pace for me- but finishing!

Tomorrow is weigh in day!! Wish me luck!


  1. Endurance is the name of the game. The day of your 5K, you will run faster too. Because of the excitement!

  2. Heat really kills me when I'm exercising and makes me go a whole lot slower. We haven't run outside at all this summer, and I don't plan to. Thank God for our apartment having a gym! Keep rocking! You're awesome.

  3. It has been a total heat wave here too, I keep telling myself that all the sweat is burning a few more calories!

    Good luck tomorrow on the weigh in, mine is tomorrow too. I always get so anxious about weigh in. However, if last year you would have told me that I would have enjoyed being weighed in I would have laughed in your face (well in a nice way of course).

    Hey, if you get a minute will you tell me about this frozen banana cream you made?

    Good luck tomorrow!

  4. Good luck with the weigh in. Hope the scale gods smile down on you :)

  5. 1st...I think the picture of the BEAUTIFUL!

    2nd...I can't wait to see what you pick to review!

    3rd...did you know your blog background is about to go away? Just saw a note at the top :) are KICKING butt at this working from home thing! Can I borrow some of your mojo please?

    and last but not least...thank you for always stopping by and commenting...even though we only "know" each other in means so much! I look forward to it when I see the emails pop up that you have commented!

    Have a great evening...can't wait to see how WI went...since I am a day behind!



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