Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weigh In Day

Today was rest day for me, so I slept in. It felt great! Lately, I feel like I could sleep all day. I went downstairs to find this on the table. Can you tell my hubby reads my blog? He knows what WI means. lol It’s the little things that make your heart smile. :)

07282010 003

I weighed in at 228.6, so close to 228 (my 60 lb goal). So I have lost a total of 59.4 lbs. That’s a 1 lb loss for the week. I’m a little disappointed because I wanted to meet that goal, but I know that I lose weight very slowly. So I need to be happy with the 1 lb because my goal has always been 1 lb a week.

For breakfast, I had oatmeal topped w/ peaches and a glass of 1% milk.

07282010 001

Before signing in to work, I made an iced coffee. I was really craving this today!

07282010 002

I kept seeing people walking by and riding their bikes outside while I was working. It really made me want to get out there!

For lunch I had 1 1/2 servings of breakfast casserole and a slice of whole wheat toast topped w/ natural peanut butter.

07282010 004

Knowing I was low on fruits and veggies so far, I finished it up w/ 1/2 cup of light vanilla yogurt and 1/2 cup of strawberries.

07282010 005

I was finally able to find a class that will work w/ my schedule, since the one that I needed was dropped. So I will be taking an elective about Hinduism and Buddhism. Should be interesting! I love learning about different cultures.

For my last break I had some bing cherries.

07282010 006

For supper, I made these Tyson chicken patties. There’s actually a story behind these. One night, hubby and I didn’t feel like cooking. So I said I would go up to the grocery store and get a frozen pizza. Well, when I looked at the nutritional information for the pizzas I just couldn’t bring myself to buy them. So I found these instead. They are 4 points a piece and are delicious, quick and easy.

07282010 007

I had one of those with light mayo, ketchup, tomato and lettuce on a sandwich thin. I also had 2 ears of corn. We made it through all of the corn without having to throw any away! But I’m sure we’ll have more coming.

07282010 008

I splurged on dessert tonight and had a monster cookie and a 1/2 serving of light ice cream.

07282010 009

Only went over 2 points! Pretty good, I’d say!

Now for some statistics on Weigh In Day:

Summer Challenge: Total lost 9.4 / 10.6 more to go.

I would have to lose 2.6 lbs. per week to meet the goal.

3 Month Challenge: Total lost 3 / 16.6 more to go.

I would have to lose 1.8 lbs per week to meet goal.

As I’ve said before- these are ways for me to track my weight loss and as long as I am consistently losing, I’m happy with wherever I end up. I’ve already lost 3.8 more lbs this summer than I did last summer and there are still 4 more weeks left!

I’m done eating for the night, just need to drink lots of water! We’re half way through the week!!


  1. Your food looks awesome. Congrats on the 1lb. I would be very happy with a pound a week. Started following you and look forward to reading more!

  2. congrats on 1lb. Next week, you will reach your goal.

  3. Congrats on the loss! Its interesting to know you are interested in hinduism! I am a hindu :)
    Hope you enjoy the classes!

    Great going on the challenges!

  4. Congrats on your loss!!!

    Your breakfast casserole is making me drool!!!

  5. Love the pictures of the food!! Way to go on your loss :) That is a sweet note from the hubby!

  6. adorable hubby!!!
    Nice meals again....they look very interesting indeed.
    A loss is a loss and you are doing so well...some weeks one loses more than other weeks, thats the way it goes...keep doing what you proud of you!



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