Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Best Run Ever

I wanted to try my Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats from Trader Joe’s this morning, so I went through the steps and botched them. They overflowed all over the microwave and what was left was as hard as a rock. I think I need to use a bigger bowl next time or else cook them on the stove. So I used my usual quick cooking Irish Oats with 1 Tbs. peanut butter mixed in and a banana on top along with 1 cup of 1% milk for 6 points.

81710 001

This is such a filling and delicious breakfast!

I made an iced coffee for 1.5 points.

81710 002

For my first break I had a large peach for 1 point.

81710 003

These sure aren’t as good as the Missouri peaches that we had earlier! :(

The morning went really quickly. We have been pretty busy lately with people not showing up to work…makes it hard for the rest of us who are dependable!

For lunch I had a salad made up of lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, deli ham, bbq sauce and fat free ranch for 2 points. Isn’t that just amazing? I have to be careful because when I use the WW online tracker, I just put in all of the foods and this came out as 1 point- but if I did the recipe builder it’s 2. Do you put everything you eat into the recipe builder?

81710 004

I also had some Trader Joe’s BBQ pops for 1.5 points.

81710 005

And dessert was a No Pudge! brownie with a little whipped cream for 2 points.

81710 006

For my last break I made a Pear/Peach Smoothie for 3.5 points.

81710 007

I really wanted to go running after work, but it just wouldn’t stop raining. So I waited it out until Hubby got home and cooked supper.

I made salmon burgers on sandwich thins along with seasoned potato curls and green beans for 9 points total.

81710 008

Dessert was light ice cream for 3 points.

81710 009

After supper, I read some blogs and worked on laundry. Nothing too eventful here! But I’m enjoying having time to do what I want because it will be over soon with school starting next week.

I absolutely love the weather we’ve had this week. It’s cool and feels like fall. Fall is probably my favorite time of year. I love the summer, but I always look forward to the fall, too. Winter- not so much! My birthday is the first day of fall and hubby and I got married in the fall too. So maybe I just have a lot to look forward to in the fall. :)

So maybe that’s why I enjoyed running so much tonight. I actually LOVED IT! I would say I loved every minute of it, but there were a couple of minutes when I just wanted to sit down. :) But I ran 3 MILES WITHOUT STOPPING! Whoohoo!! Gorgeous weather- so cool and no humidity at all. This makes me love running and I can’t wait to do it again. The best part, hubby ran with me the whole time and we didn’t listen to music. We just talked and he pushed me a long. :) LOVE IT! 3 miles took 46:21, a little slow- but who’s timing? I burned 630 calories- which includes walking to and from the path- total workout time was over an hour. We ran on the path outside of town which is a gravel type path. Clean air and open spaces and a beautiful sky to look at. Peaceful. I LOVE RUNNING!


  1. The stovetop is calling you!
    At least for the luxury of steel-cut oats.

  2. I also love running ~ saw on twitter this morning when I woke that you had the best run gets better and better but there are still days you feel like you have just started..well for me anyway...I'm much older than you.
    I love summer, and would not mind autumn if it was not so cold and wet...I hate the rain that goes on for days this side..Germany has many town that have been flooded.

  3. What kind of ice cream? It looked really good. I hate this time of year. Fall is my time. LOVE fall. Where do you live? Cause it's been raining like crazy in SC as well.

  4. Talking while running! Thats awesome fitness! Good going :)

  5. Wow! I can't even run 3 inches, let alone three miles! You're doing so great :)

    I love fall, too, but now that the hubby and I live in Florida, it's all heat and humidity all the time. Luckily, we had a decent fall and winter last year (though all these crazy FL people were complaining about how cold it was). I'm hoping for the same this year.



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