Friday, August 27, 2010

It’s Official- Another 5k!

I have officially signed up to run my second 5K next weekend. This will be a much bigger race with over 450 participants. The last one I ran was MUCH smaller! So it will be a new experience! It is also listed as a 5k Race- not a run/walk! But I looked at the times from last year and some 60 year olds finished in 53 minutes- so at least I’ll come in before the elderly. lol Hubby is going to run with me again, which helps me a lot. My sister in law and possibly my brother are going to run again, too.

This is kind of a family thing now and I’m so glad I can be a part of it! It all started with my sister. She started off with 5k’s a long time ago and has since run a couple of marathons. I remember thinking she was crazy back then- but now there’s nothing I want more than to be able to do that myself! My younger brother has also run a few races. I think it’s a great way that we can get together and be active at the same time. Now just to get the parents on board!

I am nervous. Every time I walk out the door for a run I am nervous. I think I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it. But I have to keep telling myself I can- because I’ve done it many times! Yesterday, I ran 3 miles continuously in a little over 43 minutes. My times are consistent but I do want to get faster. We finished the last 5k in 42:21 (which included some walking), so I would like to beat that. It would just take pushing it a little bit more here and there. But as always, for me (right now)- it’s about finishing!

So my plan is to get another 3 mile run in tomorrow morning. Next week, I will follow my same training plan and be done with running by Thursday to give my body plenty of time to rest up. I run 3 miles, 2 times a week, and a free run one other day.

My sister just had a baby a few weeks ago, but she is planning on running a 5k the same day in her area. But there is another 5k in October that we might all run together. I’m also hoping to find a race for Thanksgiving day- but it has to be wherever we end up spending Thanksgiving this year. These races can get expensive though!! This one cost $56 for the two of us- but it does include 3 day passes to a festival- so not bad, I guess. I have to say, I’m excited to see the grab bag for this bigger race. ;) hehe

Oh, and let’s not forget the T-shirt.

What’s your favorite part about running races?


  1. I've never run in a marathon, but I look forward to the day when I can sign up for one. Congrats to you for doing another 5K! That is SO awesome! Can't wait to hear how you do. Good luck!

  2. I get so a 5k ~ 5 kilometers??
    Half your post ( and other bloggers from USA ) talk about miles then write 5k's
    Confuses this old duck....hehe

  3. I love doing races for the swag bags and the t-shirts...they are my claim to fame--knowing that I completed something. It sounds ridiculous, I know...but it's all part of my mental game.

    (And like you, every time I do an event, I try to improve upon my doing a 10K on Labor a bit nervous about the course is all I am sure that I will have to account for that in my time...).

    Anyway...enjoy the races...I know that I always do!

  4. But you know you CAN do it!
    So throw the nervous out, and enjoy yourself!

  5. Congratulations :) You can do it :) YAY!!

  6. i love that we can share this running thing together. so happy about that. it is so fun to share something like that. - angie



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