Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pictures Only

     83110 001 83110 002 83110 003 83110 004

83110 005

83110 00783110 00883110 009

Good day- except I am having some trouble with this eating supper alone thing- I keep wanting to eat more after supper! Went over my points a bit. Tomorrow is WI day. I’m ready for a new week to start!


  1. #5 with the whipped cream....
    A cup cake - a cake in a cup?
    Looks good.
    Here's to a good upcoming week!

  2. I eat alone almost every night. I portion my food out, put everything else up, eat that, and get the heck out of the kitchen. If not, I will be into EVERYTHING!

  3. If you are going to put up pictures - at least they are yummy ones!! Take care!

  4. I was here yesterday ~ then my computer froze and I had to reload and then totally lost track of who I was visiting...sorry...
    Glad u back!

    Looks like interesting meals you have been eating.

  5. hope youre having a great week!



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