Saturday, August 14, 2010

Proud of My Workout

I made a good decision at 5 AM this morning. Instead of sleeping in and skipping my workout, I got up out of bed.

For breakfast, I had 1 cup of cheerios with 1 medium banana on top and 1/2 cup of milk for 4.5 points.

81310 001

I stepped outside to see what it was like- and it was dreadfully humid. I just cannot workout in the humidity. So I took my workout inside to the treadmill again. I have a hard time running on the treadmill- it’s BORING. But this time, I decided to prop my latest WW magazine on the treadmill and read, while listening to my iPod while running. That worked wonders! I had something to focus on instead of a wall. I still have a hard time running continuously on the treadmill, but instead of just giving up- I decided I would get in 3 miles one way or another- who cares if I have to walk some of it. So I did 3 miles in 45:35 and I finished my workout out by walking to make it a total of 1 hour. I don’t know the total distance, but I burned 509 calories! That works for me! And I can gage my fitness by the time it takes me to do the 3 miles. I did many spurts at 5 mph, which is fast for me. I find I run about 4-4.5 mph comfortably. Just a slow jog. But this mornings workout made me happy. :)

When my stomach started growling, I knew I was genuinely hungry. So I had 1/2 cup of light vanilla yogurt topped with about 1/4 cup of blueberries for 1.5 points.

81310 002

After breakfast, we were out of milk again. We are always out of milk! We go through it like it’s going out of style! So I had green tea w/ pomegranate again.

81310 003

By 9:15 I was having hunger pains. Must have been the workout this morning as I’m not usually hungry in the morning. I started getting a craving for an egg on 1/2 a sandwich thin. How weird is that? haha So that’s what I had- for 2.5 points. Simply delicious! I got out of the kitchen before I ate anything else!

81310 005

For lunch I had 4 pieces of Schwann’s Teriyaki chicken wings, the 2nd half of the sandwich thin w/ currant jam, and a lettuce salad with pear tomatoes and tiny bit of Italian dressing for 6 points.

81310 006

Dessert was sugar free, fat free chocolate pudding for 1 point.

81310 007

I was finally full! About time, right?

I had a little bit of a sore throat on my break, so I had a bomb pop for 1 point.

81310 008

We have absolutely no groceries in the house. We’ve been out of most fruit for days. Haven’t had peanut butter for over a week and as I mentioned before- we keep running out of milk! There weren’t very many good sales on fruit this past weekend- so I hope there are better sales this weekend!

After work, I finished packing and we got on the road. Hubby brought home Subway to eat in the car. I had a 6” Turkey sub with baked BBQ Lays for 7 points.

81310 001

Dessert was my splurge of the day. I had half of 3 different cookies for 10.5 points. I honestly did not know that these cookies were so high in points and I wouldn’t have eaten them had I known. What can you do- except plan a little better next time.

81310 003

Talk about taking care of a sweets craving! They were good and I enjoyed them.

Later on the trip, I had some almonds (trying to make a healthy choice here). I meant to eat half the bag but I probably ate 3/4 of it for 4.5 points.

81310 005

I lacked in the fruits and veggies dept. today. But I can always make up for that tomorrow. Most days I exceed the recommendations.

We made it to my sister’s late. I got to hold the new little nephew. :) So little, he was like 6 lbs.

I didn’t get a chance to post this on Friday- so here’s my Friday on your Saturday! Have a great weekend!!


  1. I have a theory about cookies and junk food. I always DOUBLE the amount of sweets they write on the label. That's why they taste sooooo darn good. Twice the sugar and twice the fat. Or else we would all make them at home.
    I ate some almonds just like that today- I do much better in a snack -pack size as well!

    Hope you have a great weekend and find some good sales!

  2. Awesome workout. Congrats for sticking with it I too hate working out indoors...but its been way to hot out here

  3. Awesome workout!! I wish I could get up and moving like that! lol maybe someday I'll be able to wake up and workout! Those cookies look so good! Especially the one with the m&m's on it! yum!

  4. Good For You for the early run! It seems easier to "get it out of the way" as soon as possible:)) (I too run early....then I feel "done":)
    Keep up the awesome work....will be back!
    (i am on daily mile as well...maybe we could hook up on there some way too.)
    happy day/weekend to you,

  5. Way to go on getting the workout done and over with!! Enjoy your weekend :)

  6. Wow thats amazing that you went out for a run so early...something I havent done since I learned to love running...
    And never could I run and

  7. I'm always fascinating by people who can workout and read at the same time. I just don't have that much focus! Awesome workout.



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