Thursday, August 5, 2010

Run a Mile in My Shoes

Breakfast this morning was a piece of homemade light oat toast with a little peanut butter and 1 medium peach for 5.5 points.

8510 001

This morning I wanted to go running and decided I’d make this an easy run. I really didn’t feel like going out there and would have been happier had I climbed back in bed. But I’m not going to get closer to goal by climbing back in bed every morning. So I decided I would see how I felt and run at least 1 mile. This was my first run with my new shoes!

8510 002

They’re Asics. I noticed a huge difference with how my feet felt. My feet don’t even ache- which is awesome. My knees don’t hurt either. I did notice that my calf hurt while I was running though, so it may take a little while to get used to them. SOOOO much better than my old worn out Nikes!

I ended up running 1 mile. On the last 1/2 mile, I ran as fast as I could twice, for about 1/8 mile each. Those fast spurts really wear me out and I don’t think I could do a whole 3 mile run with fast spurts throughout. I had some problems with allergies this morning- my bronchi were burning. I think it’s fresh cut grass- not really sure. After the run, I walked 1 mile home. I burned 331 calories and it took me 35 minutes.

I’m still looking for a training plan, and looking at the ones you recommended. I will try to decide on something by Monday. I’m not concerned so much with increasing mileage yet, I just want to make the 3 miles easier and be able to run the 3 miles faster.

We were out of cold coffee this morning, so I made a fresh pot and had a couple cups of hot coffee with creamer for 1 point. It really hit the spot this morning!

8510 003

The morning went quickly and smoothly! I even had a customer ask to speak w/ my supervisor to compliment me. That never happens because I get to deal w/ the really mad people. So that made my day! :)

For break, I had 1/2 cup of tomatoes.

8510 004

and 1/2 cup of 1% milk for 1 point.

8510 005

For lunch, I had BBQ chicken pizza made on a sandwich thin along with 1 cup of cucumbers for 8 points.

8510 006

Dessert was another medium sized peach for .5 point.

8510 007

Fed Ex totally took revenge on my neighbor and his tree cutting antics by driving their big rig through his yard. He put this rock on the corner of his yard so people don’t accidently curb check and touch his grass. Well, this truck driver didn’t want to drive over the rock, so he just drove through his yard. He is going to throw a fit when he comes home…and I didn’t see a thing. ;)

For my last break, I had a bomb pop for 1 point.

8510 008

Work went really well today. People were nicer and that makes the day go so much better! We were a little slower today, I took about 6 less calls than average. I even had a little time to read my Fitness magazine. :) I love days like this and I know that in a couple of months- everyday will be filled with magazine reading time- although I’ll be back in school so I’ll probably be reading some book on Old English. :)

I was so hungry after work, but I stayed out of the cupboards! For supper I had 2 fat free hotdogs on light whole wheat buns, with broccoli salad and 1/2 cup baked beans for 10 points. I just hate spending the extra money for the light buns and fat free hot dogs but you just can’t do it any other way or this meal would be WAY too many points.

8510 010

While I was cooking supper, I had to laugh when I saw my counter:

8510 009

I’m sure your counter tops look similar (well hopefully not the actual counter top, as it’s pretty hideous- thanks to our kitchen being remodeled in the 70’s!) :)

I finished it off with a No Fudge! brownie and vanilla ice cream for 4 points.

8510 011

So that uses up all of my points for the day. I’m kind of craving some healthy pop kettle corn, so I might have some of that later on for 1 point. So happy tomorrow is Friday!!


  1. I promise to get you new counter tops someday:) Great job on meeting your goal! Once again I'm very proud of you.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day. Congratulations on your amazing weight loss! And I laughed about the FedEx truck and your neighbor's lawn. Ha!

  3. I'll have to try out Asics. My running shoes are terrible, and I hate to run because of it.

    I'm totally in love with your heart measuring spoons!

  4. 1. Your peanut butter & peaches looks like paw.
    2. How pretty are those tomatoes! What kind of those?
    3. I went to be fitted for the right sneaker at a local running shop. Oh my word! They put me on the treadmill, measured my stride and gave me a pair of Nike's (which I normally hate!)and it's changed everything (in the realm of exercise). Best money I've ever spent!

  5. I love my asic gels as well...I have them for my road running and then trailer shoes by Salomon for the forest runs.
    You worked out ur points so well...u eat a lot more and better than I do...

  6. The shoes are cute! Asics don't fit me very well because I have such large feet. I am a size 11 wide. The only shoes that seem to fit well are mens shoes or sketchers. I am hoping I will start losing weight in my feet too!

  7. I want those hot dogs. The end. ;)

  8. Some great eats there! Your new shoes look spunky :) way to go on the great run



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