Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weigh In Day: Being Honest with Myself

I weighed in at 226 this morning. That’s a .2 gain from last week. But I am still at 62 lbs lost. Of course I am disappointed. Looking at the trends in my weight loss, if I have a big loss (like I did last week), I tend to gain the next week. I’m glad that it was only .2 and I know that I can lose that and more this week!

But in all honesty, my husband made a good point when I told him I had gained. He said, “You know what happened.” And as much as I want to disregard it, I did not eat well this past weekend and that could certainly be the reason for my .2 gain. It’s so important that I am eating healthily and on track at all times. If I feel the need to snack consistently throughout the day, there are probably other emotional reasons for my eating that I need to address. Whether it be happiness, sadness, depression or boredom. It would be better to move a little and get a little exercise to try to lift my mood and stop thinking about food. I think I am always going to struggle w/ emotional eating and I need to learn to understand myself better. I have come a long way, but I still have a long way to go.

For breakfast, I had 1 cup of oatmeal w/ 1/2 cup of blueberries on top and a glass of 100% Orange Juice for 4.5 points.

81110 002

We’re out of milk again- so I had green tea with pomegranate. I do like green tea- but I’m not fond of this one because they added some spice to it. But It wasn’t cheap, so I am going to drink it until it’s gone. :)

81110 003

For a snack, I had 16 animal crackers for 2 points. A regular petting Zoo, as Anne commented. hehe :)

81110 004

For lunch I had 2- 98% fat free hotdogs on light whole wheat buns. I also had a tomato and about a cup of cucumbers. All of this for 3.5 points!

81110 005

On my last break, I had some GenSoy Crisps that I found in the organic section of the store. They are cinnamon sugar flavored and only 2 points for 10 of them- SOOO good, too!

81110 006

I got another customer compliment today! Yay! That makes me happy- and my Boss was like, you really like working from home, huh? lol That’s 3 in one week!

Supper tonight was on the run and eaten in the car. I had a sandwich thin w/ deli chicken and swiss cheese. I also had 1/2 cup of tomatoes and gorgonzola crackers for a total of 5 points.

81110 007

We had to eat on the run because we attended my friend’s Dad’s funeral. I just hate funerals- but they’re a good reminder that life is short and our choices are important. Ever since my Grandma died, I try to make choices and treat people in ways that I would be happy about if I died or if they died. I don’t want to live with regrets.

After that, we stopped at Dairy Queen. I had 14 points left- so I decided to treat myself to a small Oreo Cookie Jar blizzard for 15 points.

81110 008

Delicious! I wouldn’t want to eat one of those often, but they’re good as a treat every now and then. That’s what I love about WW- I never feel like I’m missing anything.

I’m glad that the week is more than half over. I’m ready for the weekend, how about you?


  1. Hehe!
    I love/loved to eat the animal crackers.
    Kinda a lemon-vanilla- creamy taste.
    Like shortbread....

    Sorry to hear about the funeral...
    But you are right - each day is a gift,
    As they say in Hospice.
    And it's good to live without regrets.

    Here's to the next part of a great week!

  2. Each day is a gift.I love that you never feel deprived - that is wonderful.

  3. I don't like funerals (who likes them?!). But you summed it up right! Take each day and like it to fullest.

    I am waiting for the weekend!

  4. .2 is nothing it could be water retention, doing so well..keep going as I'm right here behind you wanting you to reach your goal weight.

  5. I haven't ever tried the GenSoy crisps. I wondered if they would be good. The Blizzard looks great. Ice Cream is my fav food in the whole world. Keep up the good work though.

  6. If you're not honest with yourself, then who can you be honest with? I'm so glad that you can be honest, it's so important to your weight loss.

    I love working from home, too!



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