Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another Thursday

I was so tired last night, I just couldn’t stay awake to wait for hubby to get home. So I barely saw him yesterday at all. :( I can’t wait until he’s done with these hours! Hopefully it’s only one week of it. No amount of money would make me happy enough to hardly see him!

The mornings are getting darker- the days are getting shorter. It’s hard to get up in the mornings when it’s like that! I’m trying to set a schedule for myself, so while I could sleep in a little later, I made myself get up at 6:15. It’s kind of nice not to rush in the morning anyways.

I started off right away with a cup of Duchess tea. I got these mugs at JC Penny’s before we got married like super cheap! I love the colors.

9210 002

I caught up on blogs and sipped my tea.

Remember yesterday when I said I needed to think of some new mix ins for my oats? Well, I present to you- Banana Nut Oats:

9210 003

They were pretty good! I only used about 3/4 of the banana (I weighed it to determine the points value), a few grams of pecans and 1 cup of cooked oats. This was 4 points. I’m not sure if the nuts were worth an extra point- but I’ve heard there are benefits in nuts- so maybe once in a while!

Of course I had to have my glass of 1% milk for 2 points.

9210 006

On Tuesday, I got to class late because there were no parking spots in my usual place and I ended up having to walk even farther than normal. Good thing this professor has been late to class everyday- because I got there just when he was getting there! Whew! I am one of those people that gets places 15 minutes early- better early than late, right? So I made sure to leave a little earlier today and I had time to spare- which was much better. The professor was late again. ;)

On the way there, I had a peach smoothie for 2 points.

9210 008

School was alright today. I’m not really loving either of my classes- but you gotta do what you gotta do. I am an English major- hoping to find a job writing or possibly teaching someday. I’m not really sure what.

On the way home, I ate a pear for a snack for 1 point.

9210 007

I had a lunch planned with veggies and protein but all I could think about was chicken noodle soup and toast again. So we have a repeat of yesterday for 5 points.

9210 009

Dessert was another red plum for .5 point.

9210 010

I got to work after that. I work in customer service- providing technical support. While I was working, I sipped on an iced coffee for 1.5 points.

9210 011

After work I felt like I had my energy back- which has been lacking the entire week! So I’m hoping it’s due to the fact that I’m getting better and not to the caffeine in my iced coffee!

For supper, I really wanted more soup- but decided I better eat something else. I made pigs in a blanket. I found these really little biscuits- 1 point each, at Target. I cut Fat Free hotdogs in half and used 1/2 slice of cheese. I had 4 of these for 9.5 points. I love these things every once in a while! I also had green beans.

9210 012

Whew- I was stuffed after that supper- but it tasted really good! I’m going to wait until Hubby gets home and use my 5.5 points left for dessert of some sort.

Now I’m just reading for Tuesday’s class so I don’t have anything to worry about this weekend. I take little breaks here and there to pack and do random chores. I’m so happy that tomorrow is finally Friday!!


  1. Where do you get your plastic cups? They're awesome! Unless, you buy your drinks from somewhere?

  2. I graduated with an English and Psychology major. Your drinks always look awesome.

  3. I always get hungry after looking at your pictures. LOL. I love those mugs. Cute cute! What do you write? I'm an author too. :)

  4. What a great eating day! Love your homemade pigs in a blanket - brilliant!

  5. I can see the changes you have made in your eating...well done.
    I have a NO TREATS SEPTEMBER running on my blog with Dawne...
    I found my treats were becoming everyday things I ate and no longer September there will be no treats so I can break that habit, so far so good.



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