Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bread maker Strawberry Jam (syrup)

I have been wanting to try out the Jam cycle on my bread machine since I got it. I finally found strawberries on sale and I stocked up! We seriously had 6 lbs. of strawberries in the fridge, and after this attempt, we have 4 lbs. left. :) I see strawberry smoothes in my future!

I thought I would share the recipe and the results. I found this recipe in my bread maker manual and wanted to follow it pretty closely for the first attempt.

Bread Maker Strawberry Jam

2 cups mashed strawberries

3 1/4 cups of sugar (I used 3 cups)

I wasn’t happy about the amount of sugar used, but I didn’t want to make many substitutions until I knew how it turned out.

91110 001

1) Wash and cut up strawberries.

91110 003

2) Mash the strawberries. I tried to use my worthless potato masher and gave up and used the food processor instead for a short period of time, much easier! You want to leave some chunks.

91110 004

91110 006

3) Measure out 2 cups of mashed strawberries.

91110 007

4) Put the strawberries and sugar in the bread machine, select the jam cycle and wait patiently for the cycle to complete.

91110 009

5) Put the jam in containers and either use it up or freeze them.

91110 010


I was skeptical how this would work without any pectin. It turned out like syrup. So I would call this bread maker strawberry syrup rather than jam! I’m not really disappointed because this stuff tastes really good! I can’t wait to eat some on vanilla ice cream. I would like to find a recipe for bread maker jam that actually turns out right though…any suggestions?

This is 1 WW point per 1 Tablespoon.


  1. I never knew bread makers could make jam! And I liked your last post about 9/11!

    Oh and your comment on my post yesterday was TOO funny!!!

  2. LOVED your 9-11 post! And the jam/syrup looks FANTASTIC!!! Yum

  3. It probably just doesn't get hot enough? You may want to add just a little pectin and firm it up. Just to play.



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