Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Day at the Office

Today was weigh in day. I stepped on the scale and weighed exactly the same as last week. I am happy with that for a few reasons. 1) It’s not a gain! (Always reason to celebrate!) 2) I had a big loss last week and I usually stay the same or gain after a big loss. 3) I know where my weight has been averaging all week and it was much lower than today’s WI. I weighed in at 225.2, that’s still 63.8 lbs lost. I also finished up my Summer challenge at 12.8 lbs. I’m ok with that too. Would I have liked to have seen a bigger loss? Of course. But I have to congratulate myself on what I did succeed, so that’s what I’m choosing to do.

This morning, I had a slice of toast with PB and 1/2 of a banana along with 1 cup of 1% milk for 7 points. Hubby asked me, “Don’t you think people are going to get tired of seeing PB & banana toast everyday?” lol. Sorry ladies and gents (if there are any gents out there? lol).

92210 009

Today was a little different for me. I was required to report to the office for 4 hours of training and then I had to work the whole day there. It was nice to see some people again! I haven’t driven in the morning for a long time! I forgot how dark it would get!

92210 011

One thing I have missed about my drives is that good music on the radio in the AM hours! So I got to work with a smile on my face. I had an iced coffee throughout the morning for 1.5 points.

92210 010

Half way through training we got a break. I prepared ahead of time and I had an apple for 1 point. My arch nemesis, the vending machines, didn’t even call my name! Halleluiah!

92210 005

After training I was totally zoned out. I think it was too much information at once or else my blood sugar was low or something. I planned even further ahead and had packed my lunch. I had a sandwich thin with ham and cheese for 3.5 points.

92210 002

Some Gorgonzola crackers for 1.5 points

92210 006

A 1/2 cup of WW vanilla yogurt and 1/2 cup of strawberries for 1 point.

92210 003

AND 1/2 a cookie for 1 point.

92210 008

I was soooo tired I ran over to Burger King and picked up a small coffee with a little cream for 1 point- that helped me get through the afternoon!

92210 012

For my last break, I brought a cheese stick for 2 points.

92210 007

I got off of work right at 4:30, which NEVER happens! Yay! I headed home- I really don’t miss those long drives!

Hubby picked up Subway for supper. I had a 6” turkey and ham with Baked bbq lays for 7 points.92210 014

Dessert was vanilla ice cream topped with a few pecans and sugar free chocolate syrup. That was the last of that stuff- whew! That sugar free syrup wasn’t the best tasting.

92210 015

That puts me with .5 point left for that day. I didn’t get all of my fruits and veggies in, but I think I did very well considering I could have eaten out of the vending machines, etc. Victory!


  1. You did good today although you did not get so much fruit and veggies in.

  2. A good weigh gain is better than a gain I agree....

  3. Hoorah for avoiding the vending machine! That's a big deal! I love your great attitude about your weigh in. Stay positive!

  4. Mae! 225.2! That's amazing.

    I just got bad after too too long away, so I totally get to be impressed with how much wait you've lost since the last time I was here. And Mae, that's a ton.

    You're doing great, and you're right to be proud. It's great to see you again and congrats!



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