Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Fall Tradition: Apple Cider

applecidermaking 001

It’s become a tradition for hubby and me to make apple cider with his parents. Every year at about this time, we head over to their farm for this yearly event. It never fails that the weather starts to turn cold the moment the apples are ready for picking and it just makes it feel so festive. It’s fun to do this every year and we enjoy the home made apple cider! I thought I would share some pictures and some of the process this year.

First thing, pick the apples!

applecidermaking 005

applecidermaking 003

applecidermaking 004

Next, we washed the apples in a big tub of water, but I didn’t get a picture of that. (By the way, it takes BUCKETS of apples to make apple cider- this was just a few apples for picture purposes!)

They have a cider press that you throw an apple or two at a time into the press and then there is a hand crank that chops the apples up and spits them into a bucket below the press.

applecidermaking 006

It takes strong arms to crank that machine! Hubby did most of the cranking, but I did some too!

applecidermaking 007

A close up:

applecidermaking 008

Once the bucket it full, there is a “lid” that goes on top and you twist this bar down on top of it to crush the apples together and this squeezes the juice out.

applecidermaking 010

This is the best time to stick a cup under the flow of delicious apple juice and drink it fresh! YUM! Plus, the apples are cold and that makes the cider cold, too. After that, you dump the cider through a strainer and then into jugs. I didn’t get pictures of this part either. My in-laws can the juice, too and so we have some all year long!

That’s all for now! :)

applecidermaking 015


  1. I love apple cider. I'm so jealous. You and your hubby make a cute couple by the way!

  2. What a fun fall tradition!!

    PS You 2 are so cute together!!

  3. So fun!!! What a great way to earn activity points. You and your husband are a cute couple!!!

  4. Wow that's a nice idea.
    you guys looked great and looks like you had a good time :)



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