Friday, September 3, 2010

Finally Friday and a Long Weekend Ahead!

This morning, hubby didn’t have to leave so early, so I got up with him. It was nice to have a little time with him before he left for work!

For breakfast, I made us both oats with canned Missouri peaches mixed in along with a cup of 1% milk for 5.5 points. This is one of my favorite ways to eat oats and hubby agreed they were pretty good!

9310 001

I had time to catch up on blogs and do a little preparing for classes next week. I whipped up an iced coffee for 1.5 points. I got these cups at Younkers (although I couldn’t find them online) for $5.99! They are reusable and dishwasher safe- absolutely perfect for smoothies and iced coffee- especially in the car! I did see something similar at Target for double the price.

9310 002

It was an absolutely gorgeous today. My office faces the east, so I always enjoy the morning sunlight in my windows! I hear tomorrow is supposed to be very cool- like a high of 66*. It will be perfect weather for the 5k! I am not 100% but I am feeling A LOT better. I will keep up on meds and my inhaler and I should be ready to go in the morning! If I have to walk parts of it, I will. I’m not going to be hard on myself, considering. I’m still nervous though because I don’t want to come in last. I’m also worried that this race is for professional runners or something and I’ll be the only slow one there. lol *sigh* I’m sure I’ll feel better when I get there. :) Hubby and I are going to try running without our iPods (although we’ll bring them in case!). We enjoy talking when we run together, so maybe that will make the race more enjoyable. I will try to do a post on this tomorrow if I get a chance. I want to take pictures but no one is coming to watch us run and I don’t know where I would keep my camera.

For break, I had a pear for 1 point.

9310 003

For lunch, I was trying to get some veggies in, so I had broccoli, green beans, tuna, and a slice of toast w/ whipped cream cheese for 5 points.

9310 004

For dessert, I had a red plum for .5 point.

9310 005

On my last break, I got the car all packed up and ready to go. It was really windy outside! It certainly feels like a Fall day out there- nice and cool. I wonder if I should have packed long sleeves, too?

After work, I decided to surprise hubby and I mowed the lawn. It took me about an hour and that’s a good workout! When he got home, we headed out the door.

We grabbed Subway for supper. I had a 6” Turkey and Ham sub and 1/2 bag of Baked sour cream and onion Lay’s for 7 points.

9310 006

Later on, we stopped at a gas station and also got some dessert. I had a sugar free caramel pecan cappuccino and 1 little slice of cheesecake (that had nutritional info!) for 10 points.

9310 007

I still have a 1/2 point left today- so I think I did pretty well! Have a great long weekend!!


  1. Just for grins:
    Some places have sugar-free cheesecake....
    But ya gotta ask for it.
    Soooo good!
    Cool pics, as usual!

  2. Cheesecake at a gas station?

    Good luck with the 5k! Don't ever worry about coming in last. The big thing is finishing.

  3. Good that you kept in your points, but remember to eat good filling foods...
    I am trying harder as well as I was keeping to my points but having a few chips and a block of dark chocolate daily...and slowly gaining ~ now have a month of NO treats....I have to break this habit and drop that 6lbs I gained.

  4. Mmm, everything you ate looks delicious!



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