Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday’s Eats and Treats

It’s FINALLY Friday!! It was a short week and it went fast- but I’m just as happy that it’s Friday as I am every week. :)

For breakfast, I had 1 cup of oatmeal with 1/2 cup of strawberries for 2 points.

91010 001

We are so low on groceries right now it’s ridiculous. Well, still lots of fresh fruits and yogurt because I stocked up on that this weekend. :) But we are out of milk and I really miss my morning glass of milk!

I had some extra time this morning before I needed to get ready for work, so I got all caught up on blogs. Lots of great reads and advice. Marisa’s story was a real eye opener that life is so short. It made me realize that the real reason I am doing this is to get healthy.

Before signing in to work, I made Gevalia Amaretto coffee with 1 tbs. of White Chocolate Mudslide creamer for .5 point.

91010 002

On my first break I had a nectarine for 1 point. I almost forgot to take a picture of this- I had eaten a couple pieces already!

91010 003

For lunch, I had leftover pizza and green beans for 7 points. The pizza got a little crispy because I had the oven on timed bake and I wasn’t able to sign out at my normal lunch time! But it still tasted good.

91010 004

For dessert, I had Genisoy Sweet crisps for 2 points.

91010 005

On my last break I had a plum for .5 point.

91010 006

I have been stuck working late just above everyday this week. When it’s time to go- I want to go! I always end up getting a call seconds before it’s time to sign out and they’re always the complicated ones. Hubby got off of work in good time so he got home when I was just getting done working.

We headed to Subway for supper since I had a coupon. We both ate for $7 total! I had a 6” sweet onion chicken teriyaki sub with baked BBQ Lays for 10 points.

91010 007

After that, we ran a few errands. We bought my 4 year old niece her birthday present. She has TONS of toys, so we decided to get her something different. She loves Minnie Mouse, so we got her some pink Minnie Mouse PJ’s and a little hello Kitty purse. She’s a girly girl and I think she’ll like it. :)

We saw this while we were out:

91010 008

Not the best picture, but it was very pretty! We got loaded up on groceries for the week and then headed to Coldstone for dessert. I had a coupon for there too! We split a Love It Peanut Butter ice cream. There was supposed to be snickers mixed in but there was literally one piece… 1/2 of this was 7.5 points- crazy! But it was so delicious and tasted just like peanut butter from the jar.

91010 010

After that, we headed home! I have .5 point left for the day, so I did really well! Now we’re going to cuddle up and watch the latest episode of America’s Got Talent. Anyone else watching that? Isn’t Jackie Evancho absolutely amazing?

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Oh yum! Wish we had a coldstone here!!! Have a great weekend!!!!! R

  2. I stay away from that place. I am an ice cream freak. I love it. And can't stop to share. LOL.



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