Friday, September 24, 2010

A New Challenge

It wasn’t very hard getting out of bed today knowing that I just had one single day of work and then it would be the weekend!

For breakfast, I had 1 cup of oatmeal with 1 cup of strawberries for 2.5 points. We were out of milk, so I started loading up on water to help with yesterdays indulgences.

92410 001

Believe it or not, I actually lost weight this morning. But I know that I can’t do that every day!

Before signing in to work, I made a pumpkin spice latte for 1.5 points. I used cinnamon coffee this time because I am out of my regular coffee blends. I usually mix the cinnamon with another blend. It was pretty good though!

92410 002

Is anyone watching the BL this season? We watched the first episode last night. The show is inspiring to me. I know that it’s not healthy to lose the weight so fast, but it at least shows me what I am capable of. What is with the horrible stories? I feel really bad for these people but it’s like BL is looking for the people with the most tragic stories or something. I’m looking forward to the season though!

For my first break, I ate one of my birthday gifts from hubby for 5 points.

92410 003

I had forgotten how GOOD these are! YUM! Plus, they count as a serving of fruit. Right?

For lunch, I made a salad out of lettuce, tomato, deli ham, avocado and light ranch for 4 points.

92410 004

I also had a 1/2 slice of pumpkin yeast bread with whipped honey walnut cream cheese for 3 points.

92410 005

For dessert, I had 1/2 of a cinnamon raisin cookie for 1 point.

92410 006

On my last break I had an apple with peanut butter for 3.5 points.

92410 007

For supper, I came up with a meal based on what we had in the cupboards. This was delicious! I made stove top, cooked a chicken breast and topped that off with some reduced fat cream of chicken soup. I also had green beans. This was a total of 7.5 points.

92410 009

For dessert, I had vanilla ice cream topped with strawberry jam (syrup) for 4 points.

92410 010

I did LOTS better at getting the fruits and veggies in today! That leaves me at using 1 weekly point today. I’d say this was a good eating day!

After supper, I raked walnuts out of our yard. Those things are a mess! It looks a lot better. I wore my heart rate monitor. It took me 41 minutes and I burned 239 calories! Nice!

Immediately after that, hubby and I went for a run. I felt like I was really pushing myself and hubby was pushing me to keep my pace up (which I wanted him to do) and I ran a mile in 12:36- I felt like I was running a lot faster than that! The total workout time was 42 minutes, the rest of that time was walking. I burned 281 calories, so that’s 520 calories today!! I am so ready to get back into exercise. NO MORE EXCUSES! My knee really hurt tonight, which isn’t normal. I was walking pretty slow on the way home. It hurts toward the side of it in the front. I am icing it right now, is that what I should do?

I set a new fitness goal today to try to motivate myself and hubby wants to do it with me, so that will help a lot! Since I just turned 25, I want to run 25 miles by our anniversary on Oct. 21st. That is running time, not walking time. So I completed mile one tonight! That’s 28 days to run 25 miles. I know that I can do that and that’s not a goal that’s too hard to attain, but it’s so much more than I’m doing right now- so I’m excited about it!

By the way, we’re signed up for another 5k!!! We will run this one in October, before our anniversary, so those 3 miles will count into the goal, too. :) This will be great motivation! We will run this one with my sister- she is going to push a jogging stroller with her kids, so she said she’ll be slower than usual. (My sister runs marathons and recently had her 3rd child, so she’s getting back into running again after her pregnancy!) I’m just hoping I can keep up with HER! If not, hubby says he’ll run with me again. :) He gets mad at me for even worrying about it and says I should be proud of what I AM DOING…*sigh* I just never feel good enough!

I had a good eating day AND a good activity day. I am very happy with that! I hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. What a great supporter you have in him.
    Those who truly care about us - that's so good (and so hard) to find sometimes!

  2. I'm definitely watching BL this season, but I still can't help but feel scorned. I went with a friend to the casting call here in Tampa, and neither of us got a call back. I was annoyed to see that they only casted people with heartbreaking stories. What kind of bullsh*t is that?! Oh well, I'm losing the weight on my own, I don't need that show! I'd rather be on the watching end anyway (though I look at all those people and know I could have kicked their butts and won the whole show!)

    Your hubby sounds so motivational! I'm so happy when I see that others have hubby's/sig others that are routing them on!

  3. wow so much in this entry of yours today....can sense you are very motivated which a really good, you are bouncing off my computer screen.

    you sure know how to make the most divine looking salad...I love salads...
    I could never have only eaten a half of a biscuit, I would have eaten a whole one for sure, so well done on that.

    Good program you have worked out for yourself...25 better getting moving girl :)

    another run...I have never done a organised run good going...

    In reply to your comment in my blog ( I was out shopping and read on my BB )
    Yes Organic Dark chocolate is fine on the Clean Eating, but I'm doing no treats September so had to resist or fail...and i want to win that fantastic prize...hehe

  4. I don't know what pumpkin yeast bread with whipped honey walnut cream cheese is, but it sounds good! :)

    And yay for running buddies and things that motivate us! I can't wait for The Biggest Loser. :)

  5. don't compare yourself to other people, just compare to what you were before! remember, like you said in posts of the past, ive been running for a long time, so my body is conditioned to run, even though ive had babies. soon enough you'll be running along side me or even better yet, up ahead while I eat your dust. :) btw I want some of the pumpkin spice coffee so bad! its in a ton of your posts. yum.- angie



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