Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!

92810 012

Hello everyone! The picture above is an Aster from my flower garden- isn’t it beautiful? :)

Without further ado, here is the WW Caramel cookie recipe that you asked about. :) I have never made cookies where you roll the dough into a log and then cut them off. I really like that idea as you can make smaller cookies. I will definitely try that with other recipes!

For breakfast this morning I had 1 Oatmeal Waffle topped with a small banana and sugar free syrup along with a cup of 1% milk for 7.5 points.

92810 002

A closer look:

92810 003

This was really good! I made waffles Saturday morning and the recipe I tried made 12 waffles, so I stuck the extras in the fridge and they came in handy! They were just as good the second time. I just popped them in the toaster and they were delicious!

Before leaving for school, I made a peach smoothie for 3 points.

92810 005

Such a great way to get in a serving (or more) of fruits!

My Mom called when I was on my way to school- so it was fun to talk to her and it made the drive go much quicker!

School went alright today. I found out that I got an A on the first test in one of my classes! I was so happy for that- not very many people did well! One person did better than me. This professor grades on a curve, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing if you do your work, hopefully a good thing!

After school, I headed over to the grocery store to pick up some milk. We are always out of milk. We drink so much of it. But I love milk and it’s good for you, too! I only drink 1 glass a day, but when you use it in cooking, it goes fast! We almost drink 2 gallons a week between the two of us! lol

On my way home I had a pear for 1 point.

92810 004

I decided to stop at Subway and bring lunch home. I had a turkey and ham sub along with baked BBQ Lays and I drank 24 oz. of light Minute Maid Lemonade for a total of 8.5 points. Subway was especially delicious today for some reason.

92810 006

For dessert, I had 2 caramel cookies topped with a little Nutella for 3 points.

92810 007

It was time to get started on homework- but I was really dragging and so tired! Caffeine fix time! Amaretto was the only regular coffee in the house- so that’s what I had. Not my first pick, but it works! I added a little fat free vanilla creamer for .5 point. This was just what I needed.

92810 008

I get so bored with the reading in my classes this semester. I do homework the only way that keeps me going. I set goals of like 5-10 pages (or less depending on the boring factor) and then I can read a blog or do something other than read. It might take me longer to get the reading done but it makes it a little more bearable! Oh, and this is probably the time you’ll find me on Twitter. hehe, it works for me and my grades are just fine. ;)

My Dad called just to talk on his way home from work, so I talked to him for a while. It’s a rare occurrence that this happens- so it was fun! :) Everyone always calls to talk to Mom, so I think Dad feels left out sometimes. ;)

For supper, I didn’t have too many points left so I planned accordingly. I had 2.5 oz grilled chicken breast, 1 cup of green beans, and 1/2 slice of toast with a little whipped chive cream cheese on top for 4.5 points.

92810 009

For dessert, I had a serving of chocolate pudding for 3 points. I hate using that many points on pudding, but we are out of the sugar free kind and hubby likes the Trader Joe’s pudding, so that’s what we had tonight. This time I made it in the blender and that made all of the difference. It was so creamy and much easier than trying to whisk it by hand! (But that’s why there are bubbles on top, lol)

92810 010

That puts me at using EXACTLY my points for the day! Yay!

Today was just such a great day. It was a beautiful Fall day. The sun was shining, the leaves are starting to change, and it just made me so happy. I also think I’m running on a high from last night’s run, too. But it feels good to be positive and happy. I think all of that rainy and cold weather was dragging me down!

Later on, we went for our run. We completed a total of 3 miles in 47 minutes. We ran 2 miles continuously and walked the rest. It was harder for me tonight. I had a cramp in my side and my knee was hurting. But it was another beautiful night and we saw the prettiest sunset on the run home. :) Overall, I’m glad that we went- especially because I burned 365 calories!!

Tomorrow is weigh in day. This morning I was below last week’s weigh in so I’m hoping my body will show me some love on that scale tomorrow! I don’t think there’s any way you can keep yourself from retaining fluid though…lol. But I feel like I did well today and I did what I could- that’s all that matters in the long run, right? :)


  1. Good luck tomorrow! It looks like you did great today, so hopefully the scale will reflect that.

    no matter what the hunk of metal says youre rocking all this (and growing amazing flowers to boot)


  3. Good luck today! I drink about 80 ounces of water a day to help with the retaining water thing. It's works pretty well. Thanks so much for your encouragement on my blog.

  4. Good Luck at weigh in!!!!!
    Nutella on cookies? I'm going to have to try that!!

  5. OMW Those banana's in???????????? (cant even think of that as not in clean eating )looks divine.

    You rocking it with your running, so happy you had a good day ...keep it up....keep inspiring us who visit your amazing blog.

  6. Your food looks yummy. I have not tried Nutella, I think I better not! New follower here, please check out my Living in Tx blog. I am on my journey to lose over 70 pounds.

  7. Thanks for the recipe! I can't wait to try it. Pretty sure I have all those ingredients in my kitchen. :)

    Good luck w/WI! Fingers crossed it's a good one for you! Looks like you did VERY WELL today so you should be rewarded!!

  8. Pretty asters!

    Good luck with WI!



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