Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Check In

I hope that you are all enjoying your weekends!

I did a little shopping today and I had a lot of fun! I LOVE Old Navy. Just love that store. I think the best part of shopping there is that I can find clothes that fit in the same styles that everyone else wears and I don’t have to shop in the Plus size corner of the store next to the maternity section. I haven’t always been able to fit into Old Navy’s clothes- so that’s another added joy of shopping there. I actually bought XL in all but 2 shirts that I bought there this time. The XXL’s are getting too big! Yay! I got a lot of really cute tops and only spent $2 of my own money because my sister sent me a gift card. I also got a new pair of everyday shoes. They’re Saucony. We’ll see how I like those compared to my Asics. I won’t be running in these though. We got groceries and finally came home!

I am a little worried about my knee. It really hurts to put pressure on it when I walk and it hurts when I touch it in a certain area too. I hope that I didn’t over do it last night. I am not doing anything today to make sure that I don’t injure myself- because this is painful! We were going to run the 5k route in town today, too. :( There’s always tomorrow, I suppose.

How do you like the new look of my blog? It’s kind of boring right now, but I am going to work on adding some sort of picture at the top when I get some extra time. It’s a lot of work and time consuming to get it all how you want it!

I don’t really have too much to stay tonight, but I wanted to check in anyways! How is your weekend going?


  1. Hope the knee feels better soon! Love the new look :)

  2. I hope your knee gets better REALLY soon!!!

  3. I hope your knee feels better soon!

    I love the new look. My fav color is pink so I'm a huge fan. :)

  4. I love Old Navy, too! I can fit in most stuff, but some of it just won't fit. Still, I feel normal in there! I don't feel like I have to shop in the special sections there.

  5. I love pink and the simplicity of the new's at the top are a good idea...

    I hope your knee improves but its best to keep off it for now and drop your points by about 3/5 while not training..

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to you!!!

    I knew there must be a reason I liked you the first time I read your blog. :) September 23rd babies are rather marvellous in all, even if we spend half our lives counting points etc but we can do it together. I will post on how Slimming World goes since I have been a WW follower for the last 10 years, it seems pretty similar so far but it may work better for me.

    I like this template, I want a new one myself, I am always changing things. I never seem 100% happy with designs. That'll be that indecisve Libran thing again.

    Hope your knee improves soon, it can slow things down a little but dont rush back into things your body isnt ready for.

    Think thats all I wanted to say, oh and of course, keep up the good work. :D

  7. Once again...behind! Must go find out what happened to your knee...but I had to come see the new look...I like!

    Have a great week and congrats on the Old Navy shopping!



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