Thursday, October 7, 2010

Coming and Going

This morning I was out of oatmeal and almost out of peanut butter so I decided to have something different for breakfast. I had an egg sandwich, milk, strawberries and a banana for 9 points.

10710 00210710 003

10710 001

I don’t usually like eating this kind of food in the morning but it tasted really good this morning. It was a good way to get in a couple of servings of fruits too.

I was able to go back to sleep for about an hour and that felt awesome.

On my way to school, I drank 8 oz. of Naked Mango Madness for 3 points. Another serving of fruit!

10710 008 

I can’t believe how full that breakfast kept me today. It was nice! I didn’t get really hungry until it was lunch time.

My classes went alright today. I had to pick a topic for a 6 page research paper coming up. This is in my Hinduism class. I wanted to write about the Hindu dietary customs because I thought that it would be interesting but someone else already picked it. I am going to write a paper about the caste systems, which I am ok with! At least I will have lots of material to write about.

On my way home, I snacked on an itty bitty apple for .5 point. I made the mistake of leaving it in the car, because it was 40* when I got there, but when I left it was 76*! Nothing like a hot apple…haha.

10710 006

I came home and heated up leftover HG Chicken Pot Pie for 5 points.

10710 009

I then found out the internet was down with no ETA, so that got me stressing because I really didn’t want to have to go into work.

So I ate this for 4 points:

10710 011

And as you can see, I almost forgot to take a picture of it…

I went to the cupboard to eat something else, pulled the chocolate down, opened it up and said…”I don’t want this, I’m just stressed out.” And put it back. Did you read that? I put it back! I AM IN CONTROL!!! YAY! This is huge for me and it has not happened over night. Nor am I perfect all of the time, but this was a small victory.

I ended up making the long drive back to town 30 minutes after getting home from school! What a hassle! But it was a short day and everything went fine. I just hate the long drive. I felt like I was coming and going all day long!

I forgot to make coffee and I really missed my coffee today. But I survived- barely…

For supper, I made one of hubby’s favorites. My mom used to make this at home. I just brown ground beef and add garlic and a little soy sauce along with broccoli slaw. It’s delicious! We had that along with 1 slice of bread with strawberry jam and light margarine and mysterious mushrooms (although I know the name of them now- I like my name better lol) all for 7 points.

10710 012

For dessert, I quickly whipped up some sugar free chocolate pudding along with the last of the WW caramel cookies. This one was about 1/2  the size of the rest of them, so total this was 1.5 points.

10710 013

Is it just me, or does this look like a cookie relaxing in a hot tub filled with chocolate pudding… (just me) lol.

Hubby and I are both tired after the long day. Tonight we had planned a 2 mile run and a rest day tomorrow night, so we’re swapping them. We’ll relax tonight and run tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to the BL and Jolly Time Healthy pop!! I have 1 point left for the day- so this will work out perfectly! :)

Tomorrow is Friday!! There is an end to all of this madness  and it’s finally in sight! :)


  1. I love that, the picture at the end absolutely does look like a cookie relaxing in a chocolate pudding hot-tub!

    Hope you have some more energy tomorrow and your run goes well.

  2. sometimes its good to change it around like you did today without it being your personal choice.

  3. A hot apple, huh? All you needed was some cinnamon and sweetner! :) And yes, the cookie does look like it's in a chocolate hot tub! And, last but not least, great job on putting the chocolate back! You're awesome AND in control. Go you!

  4. Almost out of peanut butter???? EEEEEK! :) Have a GREAT weekend!



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