Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October!

10110 005

Happy Friday!! Can you believe that it’s OCTOBER and ALREADY? Wow- where does the time go? But October is a month with lots of things to look forward to for me: Shopping at my favorite big city mall (when you live in a small town, this is a privilege lol), seeing my Mom, Dad and Grandpa, visiting my sister and her family, running a 5k with my hubby and sister, celebrating our 4th anniversary, a mini-cation, my Dad’s birthday, and my brother’s birthday on HALLOWEEN! I may have left something out in there! It will be a fun month ahead. :)

I was feeling pretty bloated and disgusting this morning. It’s sort of TOM, even though I don’t regularly have TOM, sometimes I have all of the mood swings and bloatedness and that’s it. The mood swings are no fun and I’m just not myself. You know, where you could cry for no reason or you start snapping at your husband because you imagine he looked at you funny. lol. I miss not being myself, but I know it will be over soon- part of being a female, I guess! I think the bloatedness (is this a word? lol) was partly due to the pizza. It wasn’t an unhealthy pizza, but it seems when I eat tomato sauce that I feel really disgusting for a while. I’ll have to pay attention to it more. Or maybe it was the fact that I ate 8 points worth of snacks last night…time to drink up that water! I had 4 cups of water down by 6:30 AM. lol Talk about getting started on the water. ;) This way I can get my exercise in for the day too with all of the trips to the bathroom…

For breakfast, I had 1 cup of oatmeal with 1/2 cup of peaches mixed in along with a cup of 1% milk for 5.5 points.

10110 001

I made my usual coffee with creamer but I only drank about 1/2 of it today.

10110 002

The day was a little happier thanks to my lovely socks from my in law’s for my birthday. Aren’t they cute? :)

10110 004

For my first break I had a Cashew Cookie Larabar for 5 points.

10110 007

I headed out to get the mail and look what I got!

10110 008

I’m so excited to try out these recipes. I recently discovered Hungry Girl and I love how simple her recipes are!

I also got this:

10110 009

I have a STACK of magazines I haven’t had time to read…*sigh* Maybe on Thanksgiving break? :)

Lunch was simple and delicious. I had an sandwich thin with deli ham, swiss cheese and avocado, popped in the microwave along with some baby carrots for a total of 6.5 points.

10110 010

I also had a glass of homemade Apple Cider for 2 points.

10110 011

Dessert was 2 WW cookies topped with a tad of Nutella for 2.5 points. The Nutella is finally gone!

10110 012

I keep using up too many points during the day, so I decided to skip out on a snack during my afternoon break. The rest of the afternoon went quickly!

I had to wait for hubby to get home. It was another one of those nights when I was so hungry and didn’t want to use any more points for a snack. I stayed clear of the kitchen and I was fine. :)

For supper, I made Western Omelet Potato Skins (of sorts). I did not use the peppers. 6 points.

10110 016

I will definitely be making these again!! They were SOOO good! I baked the potatoes although the recipe says to put them in the microwave.

I splurged a bit for dessert, Peanut Butter Chocolate ice cream for 5 points. Isn’t 5 points terrible!?

10110 017

But oh so worth it. :) And you know what? I’m satisfied. Sometimes it just takes the real thing to satisfy a craving.

I used 1.5 weekly points tonight. We’re going to take the night off from exercise tonight- will definitely be active this weekend to make up for it!! We’re both beat after a long week. Yes, I take too many rest days…but I’ve done better this week than last! Justification? Maybe…

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Love the socks, love Hungry Girl recipes, the potato skins look delicious and I agree.....sometimes you just have to have a little of the real thing to be satisfied! Mood swings and bloatedness (if that's not a word, it should be, lol) suck, big time! Oh, the things we women have to put up with!

  2. Food is looking lovely, as usual - cute socks, too!

  3. Great meal ideas. I am in a total weight loss slump... School is getting the best of me and I am having a really hard time sticking to my points :-/ Any advice?? All of my friends are losing weight so easily. One lost 8 lbs this past week! And here I am gaining. Kinda sucky! Anyways, I love your blog and you are very inspirational to me. I try and make it over to read as often as i can :) On that note, I did want to let you know I awarded your blog with the "One lovely blog" Award! Your blog is amazing and inspirational, well deserved! Keep up the great weight loss, and great meal ideas.

    Come by and pick up your award when you have some time! :)

    The balancing act in stiletto's and scrubs

  4. I have a Hungry Girl recipe book & LOVE it!!

    sounds like you've got a busy October!!

    Enjoy the weekend :)

  5. Love the socks:) and the food looks great. Happy October

  6. October's going to be a busy one for me too! I love being busy, though, so no complaints from me :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. How jealous am I that you have all those magazines at your fingertips...enjoy them...

  8. I'm ordering Hungry Girl recipes. You are doing a great job!! Love your food pics.

    Yes, the food offered in student unions..oh I remember :-)

    You're so good about sharing your recipes/ do you make the banana soft serve? It always looks so good.



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