Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Love Weigh In Days Like This One!

I was able to sleep in this morning and I woke up at 7:15- that’s a lot better than 5 AM though! I took the day off because my Mom is here, and it was such a relief not to have any obligations for once!

Today was weigh in day and I was overjoyed when I stepped on the scale and saw 219.2! Not only is that a new low for me and breaks through the 220’s- but it’s a 3.6 lb loss this week!!! I NEVER have losses that big (but I wouldn’t mind if I did)! That’s a total of 68.8 lbs lost and I am SOOO close to that 70 lb goal- I think it’s time I go buy that hoodie so I have it on hand. Winking smilePlus I have a coupon for the store and it expires 10-31!

This also means that I lose some of my daily points! I will now be allowed 28 points instead of 31- that’s a big drop- but I’m sure I will adapt. Those weekly points are lifesavers in times like this.

My sister had a great idea to help pass the time that hubby is going to be gone. She suggested I come up with another challenge. So I thought about it and decided that I will cover 100 miles during that time. That’s about 5 weeks time. No I will not RUN 100 miles. Winking smile If only! The 100 miles can be made up of running, walking, or biking. I will be finished by November 28th. That’s 33 days to complete 100 miles. Approximately 3 miles a day. This will be tough- but I am going to give it a try! Thanks for the idea, Angie!

So after that motivating WI, I headed outside for a run! I walked to and from the trail and then ran on the trail for 2 miles straight. I kind of wanted to go longer but then there was this scary guy walking by the trail and then some dogs started chasing me and I think I started to run faster after all of that and by 2 miles I was tired out! Total distance was 2.8 miles. I burned 517 calories! You can track my progress on the ticker at the bottom with the turkeys and pumpkin. Smile

By the time I got home- I was hungry for breakfast! I made us another new recipe from my HG cookbook. I made Egg Mug Florentine. This was SOOOO good! I will definitely be making this again, plus it was only 2 points! The green stuff in the picture is Spinach. I also had 1/2 serving of Blueberry Greek Yogurt and a medium banana for 2.5 points. Not bad for a 4.5 point breakfast!

102710 001

After  breakfast, I got to work on my homework. I made us up pumpkin spice lattes for 1.5 points. YUM!

102710 003

I had mentioned to my Mom that if she wanted to, she could read my blog now. So she asked if she could see it. So now my sister and Mom read the blog and so far so good. Smile This is a huge step for me to be sharing this with people that I trust and feel comfortable sharing this with and the feedback I have been getting is so encouraging. I am so glad they are so understanding because I really didn’t know what to expect.

For lunch, I made a HG recipe- Veggie Tuna Wrap Explosion for 4 points.

102710 004

This is the BEST tuna salad recipe EVER. My Mom agreed that it was delish!

I also had a cup of 1% milk for 2 points.

102710 005

I spent HOURS minutes in the kitchen making dessert. No Pudge! brownies. Mom had never had these either- she liked them, too! Smile This was 2 points.

102710 006

After that, my Mom helped me clean the house- I know! Winking smile Thanks Mom!

I kept working on homework. I’m glad we didn’t have to leave the house today because it was SUPER windy and cold out there! We got kind of hungry in the afternoon, so I whipped up some peach smoothies for 3 points.

102710 007

For supper, I made Sassy Pumpkin Soup (another HG recipe) along with roasted zucchini and onions, and 1/2 a sandwich thin topped with 1/2 a light laughing cow cheese wedge- all for only 3.5 points. This soup is FULL of veggies- so definitely a serving or two or THREE of veggies in each serving of soup.

102710 008

Later on in the evening, we had some Jolly Time Smart Pop for 4 points.

102710 009

I had one point leftover- so I had  a Halloween pack of Sweet tarts for 1 point. I bought the fruity stuff so I’m not tempted by it very much. I did get some chocolate Halloween candy but that will not be opened until Halloween!

102710 010

So I didn’t go over my points at all today! Smile I’m happy with my eating today, but probably could have gotten more fruits and veggies in.

We’re over halfway through the week!


  1. WOW!!!! What a fantastic WI!!! Congratulations. You are amazing, and a true inspiration!!! Not only do you make Sassy soup, you'll look sassy in your new hoodie! I'll be tracking your challenge progress!

  2. You done good - fruits or no fruits!
    And good for mom to help!
    Maybe she can blog one day, too!

  3. I find that the less points you get the more innovative you become! I'm at 20 points and i can still eat enough that i'm not hungry :) And it's good food!

  4. I love those kind of weigh ins too. You have lost a lot of weight! The challenge idea is a good one. I think I might set one for myself to get me through the end of the year.

  5. You're doing so awesome! Great job with the weigh in!!! :) -Natalia

  6. Whoa whoa whoa! What a weigh in, girl! So amazing :)

    I love the 100 mile challenge you set up for yourself. It will be a great reason to stay active and not be mopey and sad all the time without hubby at home!

  7. I am simply amazed at your motivation and are doing GREAT and you LOOK great too! Thanks for all the fun these past few days....I could get used to having someone cooking for me all the time!! :)-MOM

  8. Moms are the best! It's great that you feel comfortable sharing your blog with your mom and your sister, that is a huge step that I am not quite ready for.....

    Great work on the loss and the eating, almost 70 lbs!

  9. Congrats, Alissa!!!! So awesome!

    I'm craving tuna salad now! YUM!

  10. Congratulations! That's an awesome loss :D! I would like to join you in 100 miles run/jog/walk/bike thing. Can you tell me the details of how you plan to do it. I would love a challenge :D

    And please post the tuna salad wrap recipe too!

  11. Very well done. Just wish I could get back on track and find some motivation on my way. Super work from you though!! I think I am going to just have to copy you. lol. :)

  12. Well done on the loss! Super duper trooper! Also, I like your challenge. :) Good luck. Loren will be so proud of you. - Angie

  13. Alissa, first of all, WOO HOO on that great loss!!! You are doing SO well!!

    Before you know it you will be sharing your blog w/everyone! It's great to have support from people you see face to face!

    Great job on your eats today!

  14. i really love your blog and i wanted to give you a blog award its on my website

  15. Congratulations! You are going great!

  16. Just found your blog and will be following!
    You are doing great and are an inspiration to this newcomer!
    I didn't really want to tell my family about my blog either and finally told my sister! (She suspected I was blogging but didn't know that it way about my weight loss journey)And I haven't even been blogging a week yet!



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