Monday, October 18, 2010

A Jolly Day for a Jolly Time Winner

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday- I got home and went right to bed! It was a great weekend and I was tired. We ran the Pumpkin Chase 5k and I got to see my entire family and spend the weekend with them!

101810 003

101810 009

All my nephews and my neice:

101810 012

They all wanted to climb in the chair with me when I was holding the baby. lol

101810 018

My eating was fantastic all weekend until Yesterday. I tracked my points all through lunch and then hubby and I made our annual trip this awesome Apple Orchard. Let me just say that most people don’t go there for the apples. ;) Although, we did buy some Fuji apples this year! But they sell Apple Cider Donuts which are absolutely amazing. I would have been ok if I had eaten one, but I had two. And then I had some WI cheese curds and Pecan Praline fudge…yes that’s right. I overdid it and I am paying for it today, both on the scale and the way that I feel. But like I always say, it’s times like this that I am even more motivated to eat right and lose this weight! I HATE feeling like this!

Here are some pictures at the Apple Orchard:

101810 020

101810 021

101810 023

101810 024

On our drive home last night, we were stuck at a standstill for an hour because of a car accident. I hate seeing car accidents- they put the fear in me! lol. But they’re a good reminder to always drive carefully. I hope everyone was ok. The good news is that it happened right across the street from the hospital. So after being stuck in traffic, we ended up getting home pretty late.

For breakfast this morning, I had oatmeal with peaches and a cup of 1% milk for 5.5 points.

101810 025

My sister found out about my blog and really wanted to read it. I told her how personal this is but I decided that I need to stop being ashamed and maybe it would be ok to share with a VERY select group of people, i.e, family members I trust. For now, I’m starting with my sister and boy am I scared!! She’s probably reading this right now! Hi Angie! :) How do you all feel about sharing your blogs with people you know in “real life”? Do you keeps yours private from family? Do you share? Are they supportive?

Today was all about flushing my system from all of that food yesterday. I decided to skip the coffee this morning in favor of tea. I had Trader Joe’s Duchess tea- I love this stuff!

101810 026

It’s hard to get used to it being so dark in the mornings now. When I sign into work it’s pitch black outside. At least I don’t have to drive in it anymore!

I was hungry by my first break- stomach was growling and everything. I had a Fuji apple and Pb for 3.5 points.

101810 027

For lunch, I had a salad with tomato and chopped pecans topped with poppy seed dressing for 3 points.

101810 028

I also had a small roasted sweet potato for 1.5 points.

101810 029 For dessert, I had banana soft serve for 2 points. I LOVE this stuff!!

101810 030

On my last break, I was starting to feel really tired, so I brewed a cup of coffee with FF vanilla creamer for .5 point.

101810 034

Who can’t resist coffee with a description like this?

101810 033

As an English major I have to laugh about these descriptions. If you take out all of the adjectives- what are you left with? Hazelnut cream- just doesn’t sound as good as that long description. lol

The work day went really quickly today- which is awesome! I sort of like Mondays since I know I don’t have to work on Tuesdays.

I didn’t get a chance to plan meals this weekend, so supper was a spur of the moment throw together. I made Trader Joe’s Waffles from their multigrain mix in the waffle maker topped with sugar free syrup and light margarine along with egg whites with broccoli, tomato and onion for 8 points.

101810 035

Dessert was Dulce de Leche ice cream for 4 points.

101810 036

After supper, I worked on homework. I had to write a short paper for class tomorrow and I will have to read it out loud. I HATE doing things like that. I will be nervous until I get that done with. I need to learn to just relax and not worry so much. What’s the worst that could happen, right?

After I was done with that, we headed out for a run. The plan was 2 miles. The weather was chilly at first but as we got going, it was PERFECT running weather. I felt so good. It was one of those rare runs where I loved every minute of it. The crisp, cool air. The clear, starlit sky. The crunch of the fallen leaves on the ground. The sound of my breath in rhythm with my feet hitting the ground. It was beautiful. :) Once we got to mile 2, I said “We might as well run a 5k!” We guessed at the distance and ended up running 3.14! Right on! It took 45:40. A slow and easy pace- but a run none the less! I burned 494 calories! What a great feeling! This equals out to having 3.1 miles left to run by EOD Thursday to meet our 25 mile goal!!! COMPLETELY attainable! Go us! :)

I am ending the day out with 3 points left and I’m not going to use them. I had enough yesterday that it’s not going to hurt me to not eat any more!

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

…And the winner of the Jolly Time giveaway, chosen randomly with, out of 51 entries is- #2- Mommaof3OntheRun.

Congratulations Christina!!


  1. Those kids are too cute!!! Your lunch looks amazing!


  2. Awww, shucks. I'm sad about not being the winner :(

    The only people in my family that knows about my blog is my SIL (who also does WW), my husband (who doesn't read it because I've asked him not to), my MIL (not sure if she reads it), and my best friend Ben. I'm toying with the idea of making my blog known to everyone though. Maybe in 20 or 30 more pounds....

  3. If you have a had a chance to read my blog you know I am struggling with it - I have one friend that reads my blog, but I met her through here so it is different... I am sure she will be super supportive! Let me know how it goes, I am still keeping mine out of my family's google reader ;) but maybe one day I will be brave :)

  4. Hi there. its great to see a pic of you at last. You are looking really good. Keep up the great work and hooray for great weekends. :)

  5. Oh Yumm to all the food in your pics. I'm hungry now...and it's only 6:45 am. Thanks again for the giveaway!!!!

  6. I love the pic of you w/your nieces & nephews, too cute!!

    And yes I share my blog w/people I know. I was ashamed at first, but then decided the more people that know, the more support I get! If they don't like it, don't read it! :p

  7. Look at those precious look so comfortable there.
    Well done on the runs - I hate it when I decided to eat one *bad* choice and land up eating more, and I do it every time myself...

  8. OMG, those kids are gorgeous! And the apple orchard looks fun!!!!! I share my blog with MOST people I know. There are just a couple of exceptions, those I think would either mock my efforts, or be judgemental, so they don't know (that I'm aware of anyway). The rest? Read away!!!!

  9. what a fun post! cute kids and apples always make great posts in my book :) i didn't use to share my blog in the beginning but then my mom started reading and she shares it with the rest of the family. I put it on networked blogs (app on FB) and my 'friends' there read it. It gave me good traffic and with that, the FB police showed up too. What I mean is that people that don't really know me or care are full of opinions and unwanted advice. For some reason I rather talk to 'strangers'. The traffic is awesome though, that's the only reason why I keep it there. Oh, I also blocked some of my most annoying critics ;)



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