Saturday, October 2, 2010


I have received so many kinds words from so many of you the past few weeks and they all touch my heart. It is so amazing to know that I can inspire others.

Sometimes we get caught up in the day to day- point counting, exercising doing, water drinking, get my fruits and veggies in- kind of day that we forget how far we have come and how much these better choices are changing us.

I had one of those Look How Far I Have Come moments the other day. I have lost almost 66 lbs. When I began, I never would have thought I would make it this far but now I Know, without a doubt, that I can finish.

77. A significant number for me. That’s the half way through my weight loss journey mark. That’s only 11 lbs. away. Unbelievable. When I reach that mark, that means I am almost there.

“Almost there” in regard to the number on the scale- I know I will continue this for the rest of my life.

I know that I am not perfect- but I have come so far. I think differently. I make conscious decisions about what I am eating. I am in control of myself. For once in my life- I truly am. Yes, I have things to work on- but this post is dedicated to the things I am doing right.

Why is it that when we try to praise or believe in ourselves that we automatically think we have to balance the positive thoughts with a thought about something we’re not so good at? Am I the only one?

I think this would be a good opportunity for all of you to think about something you are doing right. What have you accomplished? It can be something big or little, but each success should be appreciated and acknowledged.

You’re doing great!

Keep it up!

Hit up those comments with something positive about yourself. Look how far you have come!


  1. What a great post! It is so true that we balance the positive with the negative and we sometimes let the negative win!

    I am not giving up.

  2. I second every single word of that. I think the same way, Keep going. You are doing great. x

  3. Without a doubt - good words!
    ps - You Rock!

  4. Since I started reading your have come such a far way....I see the are so coming here.

  5. You are doing fantastic! I just reached my halfway point this week. Woo hoo for us!

  6. It's always SO good to have one of those moments! I acutally did today...since I started (back...again!) I've lost 13lbs in 5 weeks!

    Keep up all your hard work, you're doing awesome!!! :)



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