Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Chase 5K Run

This morning we ran the Pumpkin Chase 5k. It was a beautiful route! We will definitely come back to run this race again.

Here I am pinning on hubby’s numbers before the race:

101610 011

I am so amazed by my sister, she pushed a triple jogging stroller and finished before I did! She finished in 36 minutes and she’s just getting back into running after having a baby! There is a baby in that bundle to the left. :)

101610 023

Here are the three of us:

101610 013

Hubby and Me:

101610 024

And the starting line:

101610 035

This race was absolutely beautiful! We went back later so I could take pictures of the course to share.

101610 033

This was right on Lake Michigan and through the most beautiful neighborhood.

101610 038

101610 039

101610 040

101610 041

101610 042

101610 043

I think this was the prettiest part of the run!

101610 044

I really enjoyed the scenery and seeing people’s Halloween and fall decor outside of these super nice houses.

As far as the race itself- I felt like I did better than I have in the past. My heart rate was sky high for some reason. Up to 181! It’s usually like 164 or so average. I don’t know what that was about. I think I may have pushed it a little more at the beginning. I burned 565 calories though! We played leap frog a few times with different people. It was nice to pass some people up and actually finish before them too.

My niece and nephew waiting for Hubby and I to finish. Aren’t they the cutest kids ever? :)

101610 014

Here we are right past the finish line. Hubby said that I will never finish last because he will always cross the finish line after me. Awww how sweet. :) We weren’t last though, there were quite a few walkers. ;)

101610 026

BUT- I beat my PR!!! My fastest time was my first 5k at 42:21. We finished this one in 41:57! I saw that timer and I was like, I can do this! I pushed myself hard at the very end. But I was happy to finally beat that time! :)

We headed over to the tables of food. They served Starbucks at this one- wow!

101610 027

I didn’t have any though. I had an apple and a water.

101610 032

See how red I get?! lol

101610 031

From a 4 year olds perspective. lol

101610 018

I love this photo!

101610 036

Overall, it was another great race!!! I can’t wait for the next one!

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  1. Pretty stepping in pink!
    Good job!

  2. Bravo on the PR! You just keep getting faster :D

    What a lovely run course, too. That always makes it more enjoyable.

  3. You did awesome, and you look SO adorable in your running gear. Plus, I want to eat that baby up! So cuuuute! Also, your hubby is so sweet for saying that he'll always come in behind you. Awww :)

  4. You both did awesome!! You definitely inspire me :) Thanks!!

  5. This entry was amazing, I loved seeing how beautiful Autumn is over that side of the world as well..thanks for sharing, awesome indeed the beautiful route u ran.
    Well done on the time and finishing the race...thats really great...and your sister pushing that pram is a wonder woman!!! I tried running pushing one child and thats tough ~ she pushed 3!!!

    Thanks for sharing and BTW, you look great, I can see you are losing weight...keep it up...x

  6. Awesome job!! Loved the recap! And congrats to you on the PR!!

    PS kudos to your sister, can't imagine pushing 3 kiddos!! WOW!!! :)

  7. Congratulations to all of you! I love that you hit a PR!! You are an inspiration.

  8. You look great and the race looks like a lot of fun. Well done. You are doing great!

  9. Congrats girlie! You look great :) I have fallen off the wagon but as always your post give me a little more encouragment!

  10. Congrats! That is so sweet what your hubby said <3

  11. First off I love the name of your blog. :) I have started reading from current and going back and this is as far as I've gotten so far. I was fighting back tears as I read. I am so incredibly proud of you - both in your accomplishments this far with your journey and the blog itself. Its really an honor for me to be able to read this and I'm very glad you feel confident enough to share it with me. You should be so proud of yourself. You've not only done something wonderful for yourself but as I can see based on comments left by your readers, you are an inspiration to many. I find it so sweet of Loren to finish last - he really is a supportive husband. Also, those kids ARE the cutest - I have to agree. :) I'm glad I got to share my favorite race with you. I have to say, you've come a long way and all your hard work is totally paying off. Keep it up sis! xoxo - Angie



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